Analyze the Summer Internship Project Essay

[pic] EMERGING HR TREND SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORT In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award Of the Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT FROM [pic] Submitted by: SUTAPA DAS 2nd SEM Magnus School Of Business (Affiliated to ICFAI Dehradun) 19, R. N. MUKHERJEE ROAD KOLKATA-7000019 2007-2008 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to pay our sincere and humble homage to his holiness LE-Magnus foundation and Mr. S. K. DEB and seek their blessings. We gratefully thank our beloved Principal Mr.

S. K. DEB, and internal guide guide cum faculty of HR, Mr. Indranil Bose, and external guide from ADECCO INDIA STAFFING SOLUTIONS, Mr. DHRITIMAN SENGUPTA, Team-Lead Recruitment for their patronage and excellent atmosphere in the college as well as in office premises. The successful completion of any endeavor would be incomplete if I do not mention about our respected Mr SOURANSHU CHAKRABORTY, Mr. SANTO BHOWMICK, Mr.

AMIT DUTTA, Ms SONALI SARKAR, who helped in making it possible and provided an able tutelage and encouragement which served as bacons light and crowned our efforts with success. We are also thankful to all the teaching and non-teaching staff of our department for their ever helping attitude and constructive suggestions throughout. Lastly, I would like to thank all our friends and those who put in their efforts, to help us for preparing our target project successfully. [pic]___________________________________________________

DECLARATION I, Ms. Debasree Ray hereby declare that this project report submitted for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Summer Internship Project of MBA in Magnus School Of Business, is the result of my original and independent research work carried out under the supervision of Mr. DHRITIMAN SENGUPTA,(External Guide) and Prof. INDRANIL BOSE (Internal Guide) Magnus School of Business. This project report has not been submitted earlier for the award of any other Degree, Diploma in any other university.

SIGNATURE DATE: PLACE: KOLKATA …………………………………. PROJECT REVIEW 1. MARKET SURVEY : a. CAREER IN BPO( LONG-TERM & SHORT-TERM PROSPECT b. EFFECTIVENESS SURVEY OF EMPLOYEES WORKING IN INSURANCE SECTOR 2. FLEXIBLE HR SOLUTIONS : RECRUITMENT Recruitment services are organized along the following verticals- – TELECOM – ENGINEERING, MANUFACTURING, PHARMA & INFRASTRUCTURE – BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICES – CONSUMER SERVICES & RETAIL – IT Enabled Services INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY : SEARCH ADECCO have track record in the Indian sub-continent over three years, building leadership teams for Corporate clients, is what our dedicated team of search consultants have expertise in. We have successfully completed searches at the CEO and Board levels and across all functional disciplines. : STAFFING

ADECCO provide end-to-end solutions in temporary Staffing and our services include- – Just-in-time RECRUITMENT – PAYROLL Services – Temporary-to-permanent RECRUITMENT : LEARNING ADECCO’s learning & training division is a leading provider of globally benchmarked training content & high quality training to clients across India. A large network of training partners across India helps us cater to training needs of clients anytime, anywhere.

INDEX Sl. No. Chapter NamePage No. 1. Introduction 7 2. Company Profile 8-10 3. Objective Statement 11 4. Databases 62-63 5. Data Analysis & Interpretation 32-53 6. Conclusion 43 7. Personal Learning 57 8.

Limitations 58 9. References 67 10. Annexure CURRENT HR TREND COMPANY & PRODUCT INFORMATION ? RECRUITMENT ? SEARCH ? PERMANENT STAFFING ? TEMPORARY STAFFING ? PAYROLL PROCESSING ? LEARNING [pic] COMPANY PROFILE ADECCO GLOBAL: ADECCO SA, a Fortune Global 500 company is the world’s largest HR services provider, with a comprehensive service offering that includes Temporary & Contract Staffing, Outsourcing, Permanent Recruitment , Outplacement & Career Services, Training & Consulting.

ADECCO has the highest market share, revenue, cashflow, and market capitalisation in the industry, globally. Creation: ADECCO was created in 1996, following the merger of ADIA(Switzerland) & ECCO(France), two leading personnel service firms with complementary geographical profiles. Group Sales 2006: USD 27. 4 Billion with USD 821 Million Net Income Fortune Global 500 Ranking: ADECCO is ranked 278 in the Fortune Global 500 list Worldwide Employees: 37,000 Global Client Base: Upto 150000 clients served everyday Global Office Network: 6700 offices in 70 countries & territories

Daily No. of Temporary Staffs on Assignment: 7,00,000 ADECCO Global Business Lines: Medical & Science Finance & Legal Sales, Marketing & Events Human Capital Solutions Engineering & Technical Information Technology [pic]ADECCO INDIA: Adecco India, headquartered in Bangalore, is a leading end-to-end Hr solutions Company with a focus on Executive Search, Recruitment, Training & Learning & Temporary Staffing Services to client organizations. With a national presence in 36 branches across & the Middle-East, ADECCO is the fastest growing Hr company in India. Rapid growth with the largest branch network of 36 . • Over 35,000 Associates on assignment everyday,nationally. • Distinguished list of over 1000 clients across all segments. • Placement of around 4,000 candidates placed/month across India. • Over 650 trained & specialized consultants to customize your HR solutions. • Consistent investments in IT & infrastructure to upgrade service quality. • Global resources of ADECCO compliment local intelligence & delivery ability • Domain expertise across specific industries. • Domain expertise across verticals, across levels High promotion of business is repeat business from existing Clients • Independent leading research Organisation • Ability to source large number of candidates in small towns and villages • Domain- specialist consultants with first-hand experience and knowledge of the sectors they represent. • Tailored solutions based on specific client requirements • Ability to place candidates through our Recruitment consultants present across India. • End-to-end back end support for clients • Online HR-MIS access for clients and associates • Headcount flexibility • Statutory complaint • Strong database of candidates

People are the most powerful assets of a company and the ability to choose the right people is most strategic for any company today. Companies across the globe lay critical emphasis on their human resources and in the process, newer methods have evolved to enable them to get the right people for the right job at the right time. Need to contain headcount, seasonal increase in business, need to lower employment costs and demand for niche skill sets are some of the underlying reasons that have made companies opt for Temp staffing. Today “HR OUTSOURCING” has become a globally accepted norm. pic]National Presence: ¦ Kolkata ¦ Chennai ¦ Delhi ¦ Mumbai ¦ Bangalore ¦ Hyderabad ¦ Bhubaneshwar ¦ Gurgaon ¦ Pune ¦ Ahmedabad ¦ Lucknow ¦ Chandigarh ¦ Bhopal ¦ Coimbatore ¦ Vizag ¦ Dubai Along with a wide international presence across the globe. ADECCO India Ltd, BANGALORE( HEAD_OFFICE) Peopleone House,Plot No. 17 S. T Bed,80 Feet road,4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore-560 034 Tel: +91 80 3989 7070 Fax:+91 80 2563 1176 [CORPORATE OFFICE] KOLKATA 126, Hazra Road Kolkata-700021 [pic] GOAL & OBJECTIVE: ADECCO has listed out the following objectives to achieve its goal: ¦

To partner with the clients to integrate” flexibility” into their workforce and take care of their routine people management activities, helping them concentrate on their core business. ¦ Develop the market by effecting process transfer and providing value-added solutions ¦ Implement leadership through quality strategy through employees, by giving due respect to strengthen team spirit and create pride, in the company and its mission. [pic] [pic] Verticals At MRD: * Vertical comprising of Media, Banks, NBFCs, Courier and Logistics, Insurance, Real estate, Travel, Hotels, Hospitals *FMCG, Telecom-Sales, Consumer Durables IT, Telecom-Technical, Retail, Manufacturing [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] Adecco Staffing- Service Offerings [pic] ? Recruitment ? Project recruitment ? Transfers ? Post recruitment ? On boarding ? Induction ? Pay roll services ? Statutory compliances ? Temporary to permanent Platinum Clients: Our client becomes a platinum account if- ? Adecco Staffing Solution’s top 20 accounts nationally ? Client should have more than 1000 associates on Adecco’s pay rolls and a potential to row to 2 to 3 thousand in a year ? And, must be present in more than 5 locations nationally. Commercials: ? Sourcing Fees ? Professional Charges ? Absorption Fees ? Service Tax TRAINING: [pic] 1. RECRUITMENT- CYCLE a. To Get the Mandate> Requirement of the client or the organization/ what type of candidate they are looking for. b. Go through the Job Description> (like ABP) What type of job they have to do. c. Job Portals search> Through Naukri. om , Monster. com d. Headhunting> Reference collection from Campussing, friend,colleagues of a candidate. e. Corehunting> Company with a particular profile( articular person) f. Through vendors> Company tied-up with agencies( like Adecco) g. Validation of a candidate> if interested then the candidate must forward the CV to the agencies(ADECCO) and Adeccoo will forward it to the client. h. Shorlisting of CV of the candidates. i.

Line-up> Agency will call up to the candidate for the interview and give them the details of Contact person, Venue, Time, and with the Documents that are needed. j. Chase calls> On the very day of the interview the candidates are being called up to give them the reminder of the interview. k. Post- interview formality> After the interview Adecco recruiters call up the client for the selection status and also for the joining date with intimation of all sorts of requirements. . Finally candidates are called up for joining along with proper documents. [pic] 2. ON-BOARDING/ JOINING FORMALITIES As part of the joining formalities, you need to complete the documentation process. Your joining kit consists of the following documents : ? Letter of Appointment (2 copies) ? Associate Manual ? Bank Account Application ? Providend Fund Nomination Form ? PF Transfer Form (If applicable) ? Joining Report ? ESI form ? IT Declaration form ? Mediclaim Form ? Reimbursement Forms- Conveyance,Lunch,Expense (as applicable)

Mainly 5 forms have to be filled up. a. Feedback Form b. HRIS Form c. EPF Form d. PHS Form e. Declaration Form The Candidates require to bring the belowmentioned documents: • Two postcard size photographs & 2 passport size photograph • Certificate of last passed examination • Residential proof • Birthday proof Onboarding technology vendors offer products that address a myriad of aspects of the above definition, all claiming their approach is the most important and therefore the only approach that matters.

It’s not surprising, then, that all of the vendors with onboarding products at IHRIM ’08 showed off widely varying approaches to onboarding. A closer look at each of the vendors and their products reveals that there are two basic approaches to onboarding: transactional onboarding, and acculturation. ask an HR professional what onboarding is and they will universally define onboarding simply as moving a candidate for a role into that role. The candidate can be new to the organization, or may already be participating in the organization as an employee, contractor, partner, or in any number of peripheral capacities.

The role the candidate is moving into may be any working relationship with the organization, most typically an employment role, but the role may also be an expansion of duty or responsibility, either permanent or temporary. [pic] PAYROLL PROCESS OUTSOURCING: A service that automates (and outsources)the regular payment of wages and salaries to the employees and the deduction of taxes, Statutory, Non-statutory from a company’s employees. ADVANTAGES OF PAYROLL PROCESSING: * Reduction in Staff * Relieved from Man Management * Relieved in terms of savings in salary & compensation Experts do it Better * Backed with a team of HR Professionals * Real time solution & value addition * Extended HR Wing * Best entrusted professionals with HR responsibilities * Throw light on your core competence * Gain Access when in Pain * Compliance of all legislations * Streamlining of system over a period of Time ADECCO INDIA will undertake a detailed transition during which the payroll database is set up in our system, the various heads of income and deductions are mapped, etc. REPORTS: ¦ Individual & Consolidated Pay Slip Leave Summary Details ¦ Bank Letter with details ¦ ESI Report for the month ¦ P. F Report for the month ¦ ESI Summary for the month ¦ P. F Summary for the month ADECCO INDIA. has a large set of reports carefully designed to meet most of your requirements. For special reports in addition to our existing range, ADECCO INDIA would assess the effort required to build that report and charge the client accordingly. [pic] Reimbursement of Claims: The employee will be eligible for claiming official expenses on prior approvals from the client as per client’s policy.

It is needed to submit the reimbursement form as per the format specified. Based on mutually agreed timelines with the client and the approvals, reimbursement will be directly credited to the Salary Account. Loans and Advances: The eligibility for loans and advances is at the sole discretion of the client. Only on getting the prior approvals from the client, the loan will be sanctioned and released. Based on the agreed timelines, the amount would be credited to the Salary Account of the employee. Rewards and Incentives: The eligibility for rewards and incentives is the sole discretion of the client.

Based on the agreed timelines the amount will be credited to the salary account of the employee. Tax Declaration: All associates who fall in to Tax bracket need to submit the Tax declaration within 30 days of their reporting. The Tax deduction of the employee will be based on the declaration and proof need to be submitted in the year-end based on the communication sent by Adecco India. [pic] PAYROLL: Working Hours: You will follow the working hours of the client where you will be deputed. You may have to work on shifts, based on the client’s requirement.

Attendance : Your attendance will be maintained by the Reporting Officer of the Client, which needs to be sent to the contact person at Adecco India within the cut-off date as mutually agreed. Leave Policy: You will be eligible for leave as per the policy of the client where you are deputed. The Reporting Officer of the client will do the Leave Tracking. You have to plan in advance and take approval of the Reporting Officer before going on leave, except on emergencies. Any uninformed leave will be treated as “ Loss of Pay “ and may call disciplinary action.

You have to submit the leave form duly signed by the Reporting Officer. Compensation & Benefits:- Adecco India will make payment on the dates mutually agreed with the client, which will be intimated to you by the Reporting Officer of the client. All your payments will be made through Bank Transfer. Please ensure you open your account to enable us to credit your payment in time. Your payroll information can be accessed on-li9ne by using Adecco India login details provided to you. In case, you do not have access, hard copy of your pay slip will be sent to you.

Benefits; • You will be eligible for Employer’ Contribution to Provident fund as per Rules. • All associates whose monthly gross salary is less than Rs. 10,000 will be covered under ESIC. • Associates will be covered under Mediclaim Insurance with cashless hospitalization. • Group Accident Insurance. • Please note, insurance coverage depends upon client’s policy and for the sum assured. [pic]Provident Fund: The basic purpose of Provident Fund is to cover the future of the employees after retirement or to have security in the event of early death of an employee.

The employer shall enroll such employee as a member shoes pay does not exceed Rs. 6,000 per month. • Deductions from employees (Employee contribution ) 12% of the Basic + DA +Retaining Allowance. Employee/Employer has no right for non-contribution. The employee may however, contribute if he so desires, an amount, exceeding the prescribed percentage of his basic wages, DA, retaining allowance, if any, subject to the condition to that the employer shall not be under an obligation to pay contribution over his contribution payable under the Act. • Employer’s contribution 12% of the basic wages and retaining allowances.

This is paid as follows: ? 3. 67% EPF and ? 8. 33% EPS (Employees Pension Scheme ) In addition to the above, the Employer shall contribute 0. 50% of pension Wages towards EDLI (Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme ). ESIC : The ESIC was he first major legislation on social security for the workers in Independent India. The ESI Act encompasses certain health related eventualities that the workers are generally exposed to such as: sickness, maternity temporary or permanent disablement, resulting the loss of wages or earning capacity – total or partial.

Social security provisions made in the Act to counter balance negate the resulting physical or financial distress in such contingencies, are thus, aimed that upholding human dignity in times of crisis through protection from deprivation, destitution and social degradation while enabling society retention & continuity and socially useful and productive man-power. Employees drawing up to Rs. 10,000 are eligible under the scheme (w. e. f 1-10-2006). Employee Contribution – 1. 75% and the Employer – 4. 75% of wages paid/payable in respect of every wage period. Wages means the gross wages and includes incentive paid within 60 days interval). Insurance: Insurance policy and sum assured depends on client’s policy. Please check with our Executive for details. The policy details are not covered for all our associates but depends on client’s requirements. The offer letter will indicate whether the person is covered under the Insurance policy and the amount assured. The below mentioned services are provided by the third party administrator M/s. Paramount Health Care Management Ltd.

Mediclaim Insurance plan: • The Meciclaim Insurance policy covers reimbursement of hospitalization expenses only with the maximum coverage up to the coverage up to the limit of sum assured • The policy covers hospitalization anywhere in India. • In the event of any claim becoming admissible under the policy. The United Insurance Company will pay the amount for following expenses. ; Room rentals, hospitalization expenses a. Nurses expenses. b. Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultant, Specialist Fees. c.

Anesthesia, Blood, oxygen, operation theatre, surgical appliances, medicines & drugs, diagonistic materials & x-rays, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cost of pacemaker, cost of internal organs & similar expenses. d. Maternity benefit- extension from Day 1, Rs 10000 fro normal delivery & Rs 20000 ceasarean delivery , mins, treatment taken in hospital / nursinghome arising from traceable to pregnancy, childbirth including normal ceasarean section. ? The pre-requisites to claim for medical insurance are : a. Hospitalisation should have occurred for a minimum of 24 hrs in any Hospital or nursinghome.

However, the 24hrs rule does not apply in the case of dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, eye-surgery, kidney-stone removal & tonsilaectony. The patient should be admitted to any hospital/ nursinghome that contains at list 15 beds. The documents for the insurance claim have to be submitted within a maximum of 30 days after hospitalization. b. Expenses incurred for pre-hospitalisation treatment for aperiod of 30 days prior to hospitalization & medical expenses incurred upto 60 days after hospitalisaton will also be re-imbursed subject to total liability being limited to the sum assured.

PHOTO ID CARD Photo Id card would be issued to the person which will identify and is also for admission into the paramount panel of hospitals . The photo id card is ? Non-Transferable ? If the photo Id card is lost or misplaced a duplicate card will be issued at a nominal fees of Rs 50 ? The photo Id card is the sole property of Paramount Health care management Ltd HELPLINE NO; 1600-22-6855(toll-free) SALARY BREAK-UPS GROSS = BASIC HRA SPECIAL ALLOWANCE CONVEYANCE ALLOWANCE (Above 800- Taxable) CTC[ COST TO COMPANY] = GROSS SALARY + P. F EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTION + ESIC ESIC 10,000 above is not applicable. TAKE HOME SALARY= CTC Less: (-) Employee Contribution ; PF ESIC PROFESSIONAL TAX INSURANCE P. F Deduction from BASIC; 12% on BASIC ( Employee Contribution) 13. 61% on BASIC( Employer’s Contribution) * 1. 61-Admin Charge (Own trust) • ESIC DEDUCTION ON GROSS 1. 75% from Employee Contribution 4. 75% from Company Contribution Salary Invoice Details

Mainly this is the part of the Process where the employee salary details are being kept in a format withn a excel sheet. This is applicable to all the respective clients and their employees. The pattern is as follows: ? Serial No. ? Employee Code ? Ramco Code ? Name of the candidate ? Bank Name ? Location ? DOJ( Date Of Joining) ? Type Of Account ? NOAD( No. of Absent days) ? NOWD( No. of Working days) ? Gross ? PF ? ESI ? PF Admin ? Insurance ? Total CTC ? Net Pay ? Basic ? HRA ? Spl. Allowance ? Conveyance ? Gross Salary ? Reimbursement ? Total Net Pay ? Take Home Salary A/c // Cheque Which follows Disburesement.

There are two types of clients: a. Collectant Bill b. Upfront Bill ** PF- Form 19 Form 10C ADECCO’S PROCESS CYCLE [pic] Benefits to Associates ? Structured Induction – Manual/ Policy Guideline ? SPOC for all associates deputed per location ? Personal Files ? Rewards & Recognition Programs ? Appraisal documentation ? I cards for all associates ? Monthly Help Desk & Open House ? Response center for Query resolution ? Compliance with Statutory bodies – PF/ ESI/ PT ? Insurance Coverage – Mediclaim / Personal Accident ? Cashless Insurance Cards ? Timely error free payroll ? Guaranteed employment & growth prospect Why Adecco?

Customer oriented Organization ? Independent leading research Organization ? Ability to source large number of candidates in small towns and villages ? Domain- specialist consultants with first-hand experience and knowledge of the sectors they represent ? Tailored solutions based on specific client requirements ? Ability to place candidates through our Recruitment consultants present across India. ? End-to-end back end support for clients ? Online HR-MIS access for clients and associates ? Highly cost effective staffing solutions ? Headcount flexibility ? Statutory compliant Strong database of candidates [pic] Appraisals [pic]

EXIT INTERVIEW Every associate who has resigned from the services of the company will have to undergo the “Exit Interview” wherein, he will be given an opportunity to give his feedback/suggestions. The feedback of the individual is a very important tool to continue strive for improvement of the company. Later, the relieving/experience letter will be given. Associates can transfer their PF to the new company, they are joining by getting Form 13 from Adecco or if associate decides to close PF Account, he/she would need to fill in Form 10C & 19 along with cancelled cheque leaf and submit after 60 days on getting relieved from Adecco. pic] PERMANENT STAFFING: India being one of the fastest growing IT service providers in the world today, the demand for people is far greater than the available talent pool. There is a genuine case to outsource the hiring of permanent employees to an external agency that possesses the competence and the bandwidth to do so. Getting the right candidates at the right time is every HR Managers dream. ADECCO INDIA work towards achieving that dream for you. It has considerable expertise in providing Permanent Staffing at various levels.

ADECCO’s streamlined system is tuned to understand the client requirement and select the right candidate that matches their needs, both technically and culturally. Our permanent staffing selection is carried out through one of these ways: Selection from our wide database ADECCO has one of the widest and most refined database of prospective employees from various fields. This huge stream of employee listing could be fully leveraged by our clients, ensuring the widest possible search for the best candidates. Selecting from our database also means a quick solution for your staffing needs.

Permanent staffing is assuming great importance in the human resource strategy of every company today. Rightly so, as an organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run. Benefits of our Permanent Staffing Service : Comprehensive solutions : As a permanent staffing solutions firm, we follow a single window approach, delivering the entire gamut of services: • Screening resumes • Conducting technical and aptitude tests, in-depth interviews • Verifying references • Negotiating salaries

We shoulder the responsibilities of the process, so that you can focus on realizing your business objectives, without having to worry about the nitty-gritties of the staffing process. Trained Manpower: With a focus on the latest technological developments Authentic and reliable : ADECCO is committed to providing you with reliable, transparent and honest services. Our rigorous recruiting process: • Entails strict screening of resumes, in-depth interviews and thoroughly verifying and cross-checking references • Ensures selection of genuine talent pic] CAMPUSS INTERVIEW: A slow but sure trend is emerging in corporate recruitment that augurs very well for the student community. With the opening up of the job market and myriad job profiles available, corporates today are looking beyond just experienced individuals to fit into their organisations. [pic] An obvious destination is the campuses that are virtually sitting on a goldmine in terms of talent and resources. [pic] And most organisations have recognised this and have started tapping this source for their manpower requirements. [pic]

Another significant factor to note is that it is not just the large Indian companies but also the multi-national corporations (MNCs) that are on a campus trip. [pic] While Caritor hires 65 to 80 per cent from campuses, for Wipro the number is roughly 50 to 60 per cent. Deccan herald spoke with some premier organisations to learn the reason behind this paradigm shift in recruitment. [pic] The rationale [pic] “Yes, it is always easier to mould a campus recruit than a lateral recruit. So, while the initial training period and learning curve is more for a fresher, the medium term output is higher. pic] We plan to take lateral recruits only when there is a demand for niche skills on an immediate nature, or if our velocity of planned recruit intake is lesser than the actual business growth,” says Achuthan Nair, Vice President – Strategic Resourcing. [pic] IBM in fact has a dedicated team focused on building campus relationships. Apart from recruitment drives, they also work closely with many campuses in their research and development areas as well as providing training on their software products. [pic] It is an integrated approach to leverage the best of talent from these institutes. There is terrific talent coming out of the India institutions- really smart, dedicated an eager folks keen to make their mark. We have always seen this as an important channel of talent and this is only increasing,” says Martin Appel, VP, HR – IBM Global Services India. [pic] Catch them young [pic] The ‘catch them young’ concept has worked very well for TESCO to get the right talent. “At TESCO HSC, we require freshers for various IT projects. And campus recruitment have helped us achieve our talent pool,” says Sudheesh Venkatesh, Head HR, TESCO HSC. pic]At HP, a Central University Recruitment Team that is responsible for technical, graduate, and management/B-School campuses runs the Campus Recruitment Program. [pic] The university hiring program is a critical HR initiative for HP and is considered a key focus area. MV Subramanian, Staffing Director, HP India says, “HP has been recruiting from campuses for some years now. [pic]With the formation of the common University Team, which is vested with the responsibility of identifying fresh young talent across the country, the process has been made structured and focused. pic]The rationale was to have a common, unified approach for HP to meet the staffing requirements of its diverse businesses in the country. ” [pic] The specifics [pic] The campus initiatives have gained so much momentum that most organisations are building specific programs around the concept. At HP, campus recruitment will be a key focus area. Accenture has an initiative called Campus Corridor rolled out to an identified set of key colleges across the country (including many in Karnataka). pic]”As part of the Accenture Campus Corridor program, besides strengthening our recruitment efforts from these colleges, we have also defined an engagement plan’ with them to support areas such as curriculum development, faculty training, student seminars, visit to facilities and sponsorships,” says Prithvi Shergill, Head – HR, India Delivery Centre Network, Accenture. [pic]The programme is designed to ensure a significant, long-term association between Accenture and the colleges which will help in building an ‘industry-ready’ talent pool. pic]Wipro’s technology thought leaders participate in lectures and seminars giving the students an exposure to what is happening in industry. [pic] Caritor on the other hand sends out regular communication both on an event-driven and on a periodic basis. Says Varda Srinivasan, VP – Human Resources and Recruitment, Caritor India Pvt Limited, “we keep in touch with the placement officers, Board of Directors of colleges, principals and all stakeholders of the colleges on a periodic basis as well as communicate on an event-driven basis.

We also send them Caritor Newsletters and visit them as often as possible. ” [pic]In fact Caritor plays host by inviting the stakeholders to the campuses at Chennai or Bangalore. [pic]The organisation has gone one step ahead to invite parents during Induction so that the bonding with the company gets stronger. “We conduct ‘pre-induction’ training programs, called ‘ADEPT’ at campuses, using their facilities. [pic]This includes both behavioural as well as technical training. This gives us an opportunity to create strong bonds with the colleges,” adds Mr Srinivasan. pic]The institutes [pic] “We are open to visiting all colleges, but mostly look at our positive experience with people who have joined us from that college, the number of people who joined us vis-a-vis the number of offers we made in that campus and the number of people who continue to remain with us (‘loyalty’) after joining. [pic] We also look at the number of people we hired vis-a-vis the number of people we met and the recruitment slot the college is willing to give us,” says Mr Srinivasan. Accenture has identified several colleges in Karnataka that form part of this program.

Some of the colleges include MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT), Bangalore Institute of Technology, AIT, PES Institute of Technology (PESIT), BMS College of Engineering, Visvesvaraya College Of Engineering, RV College Of Engineering (RVCE) and Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) among others. The colleges are selected on the basis of their reputation, heritage, infrastructure, governing body, and batch size. [pic]On the other hand Wipro visits about 100 colleges in a year all across India. The actual number varies with the plan for the year. “The IITs and NITs are definitely on our list. pic]So are the top colleges in the state that we have our Development centres (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, A, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi). [pic] “In addition, we also do off campus exercises where we invite students from a clutch of colleges to a central location for tests, interviews etc,” explains Mr Nair. HP visits the well-known technical and graduate colleges in the state that are covered under the ambit of the recruitment program. Mount Carmel, St Joseph’s College for Science and Arts, NIT Surathkal, RVCE, PESIT, IIM Bangalore are a few of them. pic]The selection criteria is dependent on a variety of factors and may include their history of providing good talent, recent success in placements and the performance of their students in HP. MR Appel shares an interesting idea. [pic] “We have a commitment to diversity schools that have top women talent, as well as people with disabilities are of great interest to us. ” [pic] Attrition [pic] Arguably the biggest bane to organisations today is attrition. This is more pronounced between the MNC’s and software majors. So has hiring from campus had a positive affect on attrition? pic]”The attrition levels for campus hires are much less than that of lateral hires,” says MrSrininvasan. “Hires from campuses tend to have a lower attrition initially but around the two year mark is a crucial time – where the integration into IBM and its culture and values has been strong students have over the long haul a lower attrition rate,” says Mr Appel on similar lines. [pic]Given Accenture’s growing demand for technology professionals and the success from hiring from colleges, the company has decided to increase the intake from campus significantly. [pic] Compensation pic] So will this mean it will push up salaries for the freshers? “No. We believe the real value addition to the fresher is in terms of the training and development opportunities we provide,” says Mr Srinivasan. [pic] He goes on to explain, “we want to build our own people. We do not have any financial bond and we believe the value that we add in building the individual will help us build the strong bond with them. ” [pic] Salary increases for freshers may not be impacted. “We would like to maintain the attractiveness of the IT industry, as a first choice employer.

Moreover, with business growth remaining healthy, our need for freshers is seeing a proportionate increase,” says Mr Nair. [pic] Appel is more forthcoming. “Salaries are market drivers and will continue to be so. Increasingly students are becoming more discerning and long term in their view towards joining companies where they can have a fulfiling career, rather than ones which pay the highest entry level salaries. ” [pic] Competition [pic] Irwin says that her team remains flexible with franchisees and works closely with them to make sure they understand compliance and reporting procedures. If they miss an open enrollment, we don’t automatically shut them out; we might call and explain the importance of the deadlines and work with them,” she says. “We understand that they don’t always know the rules. It’s our job to help them understand. And there’s a huge difference between saying that and doing it. ” [pic] So with the rush to tap the talent pools are Indian corporates facing the heat from MNC’s? [pic]”While the multinational companies are hiring, they are still hiring very low numbers.

So the competition amongst large-scale recruiters is still amongst the Indian players. [pic]”Also, the students are quite canny and they are able to understand that the there could be differences in the job profile, the quality of work and the future prospects,” explains Mr Nair. Campuses offer the much needed balance between fresh talent and experienced candidates. [pic]”In fact the campus hires in HP have had outstanding work performance records and this has also contributed to campus recruitment becoming a focus area for the company. pic] A balance of the fresh and the experienced also helps create high productive teams,” says Mr Subramanian. Typically it was recruitment at the Indian Institute Of Management (IIMs) that attracted a lot of attention. But with this new trend things are surely changing and it is boom time at campus placements. [pic] And the winners are the students who can actually get their cake and eat it too. GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION Q. How long have you been working in this sector? (A) Fresher (B) 1-3 year (C) 3 – 5 years (D) More than 5 years [pic]

Considering a sample of 100, we can give clearly a hypothesis statement that the Research Survey done consists of the employees working who are mostly experience and fall in the category of 1 – 3 years others, which signify the less tenure fall in the category of more than 5 years and the ratio is very less in case of 3 – 5 years. However the fresher percentage is also not bad. Q. Do you prefer target oriented job ? (a) yes (b) No [pic] This figure resemble the modern trend of target orientation the people like to follow despite pressure while the rest signifies their level of reluctance.

Actually the higher percentage implies that an employee expect improved performance through target jobs. Q. On which basis are you working ? a. Salary b. Commission [pic] Most of the Insurance employee are working on the Salary basis rather than commission. However, the commission paid to the employees in that booming sector is very high. Q. Which is mostly prevalent in your office ? (a) Cooperation (b) Conflict [pic] Cooperation seems to exist in much high percentage, since here exists team work and is not possible also. However, certain percentage of people did go for conflict.

Q. What do you miss in your office in this industry ( A ) Team work (B) Individual decision (C) Prospect (D) Encouragement [pic] Majority of the percentage, are in favour of individual decision little behind they have supported for encouragement. Percentage is low in case of Prospect. It is even lower in case of Team work. All these statistics clearly shows the communication gap amongst the employees who are properly not motivated. Q. Which one do you prefer ? (A) Office job (B) Field job [pic] The percentage shown above clearly indicates the unwillingness of the employees to go for out house job.

People still prefer for stereo typed concept of in house job like the earlier clerical job. The misconception about the field job leads to low percentage of support. Q. Do you think dominant work culture affects your work and you? a. Yes b. No c. Sometimes [pic] AS per the percentage 60% agree to this matter while 30% disagree 10% only went for can’t say. It shows that the effect is there which in some cases is immense. Q. Is continuous bad performance makes an employee imbalance? a. Yes b. No c. Sometimes pic] A glaring percentage have voted for yes, 63% admits it which is a sign of retardation for the industry. Only 26% says no and very negligible 11% says it is occassional. It reflects the lack of encouragement and the excessive target pressure in this sector. Q. To what extent , you get the skill support in terms of training and development? a. Maximum support b. Average support c. Negligible [pic] In the context of skill support, employees in this sector mostly get average support in terms of training and development though it should not be so.

People have even voted for negligible support when it comes in order of preference. Maximum support percentage is vey low which should not be so however. Q. Are you looking for jobs in other sectors? a. Telecom b. Back-office c. Sales d. Others [pic] People actually want to leave this sector despite good salary due to tremendous work pressure e. g 65% wants to go for direct sales 25% are interested in Back-office, while 8% wants to go for others and only 2% prefers the telecom sector. Q. Will you recommend near and dear ones to join this industry? a.

Yes b. No [pic] People have gone for preference however for suggestion to their gamily members to join this sector. CONCLUSION ON HYPOTHICAL BASIS [pic] The graph shows the ultimate conclusion of the survey that out of sample size 150 (assume 60 here) employees belonging to age group 18>25 are more in BPO than Insurance sector whereas it is just the reverse that is employees ranging between 25>30 age group are more in insurance than in BPO sector which concludes that the youth are much more fascinated towards IN-House job rather than OUT-house excluding the qualification talent part etc. n kolkata which is a trend not uniformly followed all over the country wher people consider salary as the most important aspect. Q. How long have you been working in this sector? a. Fresher b. 1-3 years c. 3-5 years d. More than 5 yrs [pic] The trend shows that the concept has changed regarding this sector people are working for long in this sector like the percentage showing in the chart is highest for people working for 1-3 years. , there are even people working for more than 5 years even 3-5 years . Q. Your qualification? a. UG b. Graduate c.

PG d. Professional [pic] Here the trend shows that people of higher academic qualifications are going for this sector and not only average ones so people are thinking of higher designations also. Q. Do you want to shift to day shift jobs for lesser salary? a. Yes b. No [pic] Once people are employed they are getting acquainted to the working shifts and are not that interested to move for other sectors simply due to the problems of shifts which is a sign of improvement from different aspects. Q. What lures you to come to this sector or motivates you most? . Good salary b. Growth prospect c. Exposure d. Experience [pic] The higher percentage shows that people see their growth prospect in this sector today , its simply bcause getting employed over here is so easy today and also so many companies coming up in this sector. Q. What do you like most of this industry? a. Ambience b. Remuneration c. Overall [pic] The trend shows that people todat are liking this sector and do not have much complaint like earlier so even more than ambience and remuneration they have voted for overall. Q.

Do you see your growth in this booming sector? a. Yes b. No [pic] The expectation of the growth prospect in the industry today is worth mentioning by the employees. Q. What do you dislike most in this sector? a. Work pressure b. job insecurity c. Shifts [pic] According to the trend report employees dislike mostly the job- insecurity part of it after that few have gone for shifts and very lower percentage have gone for work pressure. People are adopting the target orientation trend. Q. In comparison to other industries where will you place this sector? a. Better b.

At per c. Worse d. Can’t say [pic] In comparison to other industries people have today developed the concept that it is worth comparing to other sectors and they think that its very much progressive however few ones have negated the view too. Q. Are you looking for jobs in other sectors? a. Telecom b. Back-office c. Sales [pic] People mostly look for jobs in Back-office jobs from this sector due to target pressure maily rather than telecom and Sales. Q. Which one do you prefer most? a. Inbound b. outbound c. Telesales [pic]

Employees prefer majority the inbound sector rather than outbound which is almost sales equivalent and telesales is a new origin attractive too. Q. Will you prefer others in the family to join the sector? a. Yes b. No [pic] People are encouraging their family members to join this sector and the BPO culture has been popularized amongst people today. INTRODUCTION OF OUTSOURCING IN INDIA Out sourcing of man power (temp staffing) is the new word for the India, previously HR outsourcing done in the India. The word man power outsourcing is comes in India is before 7-8 yrs.

This word is comes from utopian country (USA). Outsourcing is In other words, temp staffing. The definition of outsourcing is, out source of manpower by a company according to their own requirement to a man power recruitment agent. The very easy definition of the temp staffing is, the employee is not the direct pay roll of the employee. After the definition of the temp staffing some question is arises like:- What is the future of temp business in India? • The future of temp business in India is very bright like other countries of the world, because more and more company of India are adopted this thing.

Why more and more companies going for temping or outsourcing? The advantages of outsourcing are: • Single window contact • Minimizing long term liabilities • Implementation of minimum wages • Easy control through dealing with the service provider and not with a number of workmen. • Scope for quality improvement • Better commitment towards the job • Manpower availability at all times • Helps organizations to concentrate on core areas • Converts fixed employee costs to variable costs • Nil / minimum union involvement • Administrative comfort Easily get the employee according to the requirement How is Kolkata temp market compared to the rest of India? Kolkata temp market is growing but less than the Bombay, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi etc [pic] Adecco Youth Connect CEOs or executives, CTOs or software programmers – they all began as students in an educational set-up before progressing into what they are today. Today’s youth are like young saplings that need the right nutrition and nourishment to grow up to be healthy, well-grown trees. We, at Adecco India, think that there is no bigger challenge than to chisel the young lives of millions of youth across India.

In order to take this challenge forward, Adecco India is proud to announce the launch of Adecco Youth Connect – a nation-wide marketing initiative to kick start careers of students across any field. The objective of this programme is to become official career partners to colleges across India. Further, we deem this an opportunity as well as a responsibility to provide Indias youth the right platform to showcase their talents in a competitive corporate world. Adecco Youth Connect was launched on a national level covering all major zones and regions that have been identified as lucrative for this initiative.

Workshops, interactive job counseling sessions, on-the-campus recruitment etc. are just few of the activities planned during this initiative. ACHIEVEMENTS Our personal learning includes primarily the awsome experience we gathered during the project on the entire core HR activities like RECRUITMENT, ON-BOARDING, PAYROLL etc and other various concepts. The market survey in the form of questionnaire helped us s a lot from the point of view of research and developing a fair idea on a particular topic and sector as well as interaction with the related parties.

The gaining also involves the learning of corporate ethics , a very important aspect of discipline in both practical and professional aspect of life. All types of support, friendliness, attitude , atmosphere, cooperation i. e the overall ambience is worth mentioning in this regard since it was all round and came from all category staffs. LIMITATIONS The Summer Internship Project was undertaken for a period of 45 days only and there is hardly any scope to gather elaborate knowledge pertaining to HRD.

The collection of data submitted by the individual are reflected in the Project Report is presumed to be substantially more or less valid inclusive invalid one as there was no opportunity to verify the records in the short tenure. The training provided during the project was inadequate it was mostly on- job training beneficial to the experienced rather than the complete freshers. Another point is that this project should actually held during the 3rd sem rather than 2nd sem since the specialization starts from this sem only, so that the concepts are more clear to us and we are in a better position to learn.

The whole project mainly encircles round TEMPORARY STAFFING so there was very little scope of getting knowledge on PERMANENT STAFFING. Apart from these there were no limitations as such as we have been variably benefitted from this particular project. QUESTIONNAIRE(Effectiveness survey of INSURANCE employees) NAME:…………………………………. DESIGNATION:………………… Address:………………………………………… Contact No:………………………. Total Experience:…………………… Organisation:…………………….. 1. How long have you been working in this Sector ? (a) 0 – 1 year (b) 1 – 5 years (c) 3 – 5 years (d) More than 5 years 2.

The target set up is very difficult to achieve. (a) Yes (b) No (c) Sometimes 3. Which one is prevalent in your office ? (a) Cooperation (b) Conflict. 4. What do you miss in your office environment in this industry ? (a) Team work (b) Individual decision (c) Prospect (d) Encouragement. 5. Do you think dominant work culture affect your affect your works and you ? (a) Yes (b) No (c) Cannot say 6. Is continuous bad performance makes an employee imbalance ? (a) Yes (b) No (c) Sometimes. 7. To what extent, you get the skill support in terms of Training & Development. a) Maximum support (b) Average support (c) No support. 8. Will you recommend your near and dear one to join this Sector? (a) Yes (b) No. 9. Sir/ Madam If you have any suggestions then kindly suggest. ………………………………………………………………………………………………… QUESTIONNAIRE( Career in BPO-long term & short term prospect) NAME:…………………………………. DESIGNATION:………………… Address:………………………………………… Contact No:………………………. Total Experience:…………………… Organisation:…………………….. Age group-: a. 18-25 b. 25-30 c. Above 30 Marital Status: a. Married b. Unmarried 1. Is this your first job? a) Yes (b) No 2. Your Qualification? (a) UG (b) PG (c) Professinal (d) Both 3. Your Career aspiration in near future? (a) Professional (b) Academics 4. What lures you to come to this sector? (a) Good Salary (b) Growth Prospect (c) Exposure (d) Experience 5. Will you prefer others in the family to join the sector? (a) Yes (b) No 6. What do you like most of the industry? (a) Ambience (b) Remuneration (c) Overall 7. Do you see your growth in this booming sector? (a) Yes (b) No . What do you dislike most in this sector? (a) Work Pressure (b) Job-insecurity (c) Shifts 9. In comparison with other industries where will you place this sector? (a) Better (b) At per (c) Worse (d) Can’t say 10. Sir/Madam, If you have any suggestions then kindly suggest: ………………………………………………………………………………………………… COMPANIES VISITED STANDARD CHARTERED BANK MAX NEW YORK LIFE BIRLA SUNLIFE BAJAJ CAPITAL ICICI PRUDENTIAL BAJAJ ALLIANZE WIPRO IBM DAKSH FIRSTSOURCE SPARSH HSBC ALEX DATATECH OCTAGON SOFTWARE DIGITAL DOMAIN DATABASE N A M E S |A G E |Married/Unmarried |Organization |Designation | | | | | | | | | |Mr. Robert Rao |18 – 25 |UN |HSBC |CSR | | |Mr. Philip Krishnan |19 – 25 |UN |HSBC |CCE | | |Mr.

Sadaf Falema |25 – 30 |UN |HSBC |Level 8 | | |Mr. Sylvester Willium Lall |18 – 25 |UN |HSBC |CSE | | |Amrapali Podder |18 – 25 |UN | HSBC EDPI |CSE | | |Mr. Niloy Ranjan Pal |25 -30 |Married |HSBC |CSR | | |Mr.

Kalpsh Bhagat |18 – 25 |UN |HSBC |CSE | | |Mr. Shakil Ajam Mullik |25 – 30 |UN |HSBC |CSE | | |Mr. Neville Rusic |Above 30 |Married |HSBC |CSE | | |Aritra Dey |18 – 25 |UM |HSBC |CSE | | |Mr.

Swagat Goswami |18 – 25 |UM |HSBC |CSE | | |Mr. Amit Jiaswal |25 – 30 |UM |HSBC |CSE | | |Mrs. Neha Shabbir |30 | Married |HSBC |CSE | | |Mr. Biswarup Guha Biswas |18 -25 |UM |HSBC |CSE | | |Mr.

Indrajit Bhattacharya |25 – 30 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Ms. Ashawi Verma |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Argha Mallik |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Kuntal Banerjee |25 – 30 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Ms.

Mogodha Prabha |25 – 30 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Muhammad Sajid |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Chandan Majumder |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Suresh Rana |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr.

Pranabesh Ch. Roy |25 – 30 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr . Sourav Roy |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |Coordinator | | |Mr. Soumajit Goswami |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Supratim Dutta |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr.

Siraj Roy Choowdhury |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Mithun Chakraborty |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CCE | | |Mr. Kausik Patra |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Md. Imrran |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr.

Debarshi Mukherjee |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr . Amit Kumar Kundu |25 – 30 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Debanjan Mitra |25 – 30 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Gaurab Banerjee |18 – 25 |UM |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr.

Dipak Digga |18 – 25 |Married |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Abhisek Dutta |18 – 25 |Married |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Meghen Nandi |18 – 25 |Married |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr. Amit Kumar Ghosh |18 – 25 |Unmarried |Firstsource |CSA | | |Mr.

Jhantu Das |25 – 30 |Married |Firstsource |CSA | | |Ms. Yashomati Mukherjee |18 – 25 |Unmarried |Firstsource |Trainee | | |Ms. Priyanka Sen |18 – 25 |Unmarried |Firstsource |Trianee,Cordinator | | |Mr. John Elvis |25 – 30 |Unmarried | |Sr.

Trainor | | |Ms. Soma roy |25 – 30 |Unmarried | |Team Executive | | |Ms. Sudkshina Sen Gupta |25 – 30 |Unmarried | |Process Trainer | | |Mr. Soumya Barman |18 – 25 |Unmarried | |Process Trainer | | |Mr.

Bidyut Bikas Baglari |25 – 30 |Unmarried | |Trainee | | |Mr. Dipankar Bhattacharjee |35 – 30 |Married | |Team Executive | | |Mr. Abhisek Roy |Above 30 |UM | |Team Executive | | |Ms. Manali Banerjee |18 – 25 |UM | |Team Executive | | N a m e s |Age |Qalification/Desig |O r g a n i s a t i o n | | | | | | | | |Sri Subrata Dutta |31 |Graduate |Bajaj Capital | | |Sri Mithun Das |24 | |Bajaj Allianz | | |Sri Bikrmjit Sengupta |27 |Graduate |Bajaj Capital | | |M/s.

Tinku Saha |22 |Graduate |Bajaj Capital | | |Sri Amit Bhattacharjee |24 |Graduate |Bajaj Capital | | |Sri Samir Ranjan Chatterjee |48 |Graduate |Bajaj Capital | | |Sri Jiban Krishna Biswas |38 | |Bajaj Capital | | |Sri Binoy Shaw |25 |Graduate |Bajaj Capital | | |Md.

Sartat Alam |24 |Graduate |Bajaj Capital | | |Sri Saumitra Chatterjee |28 |BE(Electronics |Bajaj Capital | | | | |& Elecgtrical) | | | |Ms. Reeema Bhattacharjee |21 |Graduate |IBM Daksh | | |Ms. Somali Sathpathy |21 |Graduate |ICICI | | |Ms. Shrubabati Chatterjee |21 |MBA |Standard Chartered | | |Ms.

Ria Ghosh |22 |MBA |Standard Chartered | | |Sri Srikanta Podder |29

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