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The brand dominates the world market with more than 30 % of the market share in the world and 80 % in the United Kingdom. Generally, Duress is seen as a trusted brand that provides wellness and pleasure to its users. Indeed, it has recently expanded its range of products for the prevention against Suds to a line of product intended to lawful users.

The history dates back to 191 5 DURESS with the birth of the London Rubber Company. With a little less than a century of experience, the brand is nowadays one of the most famous in the world. The term DURESS includes three essential qualities that are Durability (durability), Reliability (reliability) and Excellence (excellence). This level of quality Justify Duress’s reputation. Marked by technical progress that Justifies its reputation. This analysis will show how did Duress became the specialist of sexual well being and operates a change in the meaning of the product.

From a constraint to source of orgasm, Duress’s condoms have won the proximity of their customers. The first step will be to analyze the environment in which duress operates how it does influence the Brand. Secondly, we will analyze Duress in itself, showing the marketing mix. Student number 1226399 3 Figure 1 : Duress has a leading position in 16 countries 1-) The Marketing Macro environment of Duress: A) Demographical and cultural environment: The discovery of AIDS in the early ass’s had a strong influence on the sale of condoms because it is the only way to protect from getting infected.

This is mostly why the sale f condoms has increased a lot in the early ass’s. (Slack,2010) According to the world AIDS organization in 2013, 20% of the youth in Europe are not scared by AIDS and 13% of them think AIDS can be cured. This data demonstrates that HIVE is not really a factor that can still influence the increase in condoms sale. The real factor that motivates the purchase of condoms for the youth is the fear of unwanted pregnancy. And in this field, condoms are not the only effective way. Hence, Duress must find other way to attract customers. Waller, 2007) Many young informed of the risks. The main reason is that Student number : 1226399 they do not know anyone who is infected because of the lack of social visibility of the disease. (Hatchet, Trusses, Nelson, 2007) Condoms do not only protect from HIVE but also from other viruses such as Hepatitis B. Brand need to be very creative to find new strategy to target the new generation. – The Sexual Revolution: The sexual revolution is a movement that has been started in the ass’s and which continues its evolution even today.

It is essentially marked by the sexual emancipation of women, the affirmation of equality and the acceptance of sex outside of marriage and of traditional heterosexual relationships. Scoffer ,2012) The sexual revolution has partly occurred thanks to progress in medical research. This has strongly reduced mortality due to the fight against diseases affecting children and adults. Now, in the Western countries, most of the children have become adults. This is why couples started to voluntarily reduce fertility as a result of female empowerment as well.

Women are not only dedicated to their children and family anymore but they also have a career and can no longer afford to raise a big number of children, because of the change in their priorities. (Baboon, 2011) The entrance in the modern demographic regime, characterized by low mortality and low fertility has resulted in a voluntary choice for couples to adopt a contraceptive attitude. This change has disrupted the concept of sexuality in western countries and has allowed a rehabilitation of the pursuit of pleasure. Hence, sexuality can no longer be considered exclusively turned towards procreation. Collier ,2007) More and more people are turning to a moral that promotes fulfillment in life and they seek for orgasm, regardless of any desire to have children. 5 Also as the renewal of generations seems to have taken place, forms of non- productive sexuality (homosexuality, masturbation, sodomy’s), no longer appear as a threat to the future of human society. (Garlicky, 2011) This sexual revolution has a condoms. Nobody is now ashamed to be supplied with condoms, which allows its sale in mass distribution networks. It would have been unimaginable a few years ago to see vibrators and cook rings on the shelf of Boots or Tests.

There is a changing trends in society due to sex that has given Duress the opportunity to sell condoms massively through all the mass distribution channels. (Slack, 2010) Therefore, duress is now thriving in an environment where sex, far from being a taboo, as become an asset seller. Behaviors have changed, but we can also see that the institutions have also change their rules. The sexual revolution has significant impact on cultural behavior: In fact traditional movies are increasingly demonstrative of scenes that relates to sexual acts.

Such scenes are no longer prohibited. Watching Pornography is still not fully socially accepted, but there is an increasing awareness. (Garlicky, 2011) The TV show Sex and the City proved this assumption. The show follows the lives of four forty year old women. There are all very independent and they freely talks about heir sexual lives. They are not married and they live a very modern life. In this TV show the concept of homosexuality is fully accepted and naked scene take a big part. Celebrities behavior such as Mille Cyrus demonstrates this assumption.

She uses sex to attract attention on her. She appears naked in her last music video,’Wrecking Balls”, that reached 361 millions views on Youth in 3 months. (Youth. Com) Media are using sex all the time to advertise any type of product; as a result of the sexual revolution : sex is everywhere. 6 The brand is very aware of the latest trends and desires of its customers thanks to he “Sexual well being survey’: Duress has interviewed 26 000 individuals over 26 countries on their cultural and sexual behaviors to study its marketing environment in a global way.

This strategy had allowed the brand a very good understanding of the different markets’ environment they are targeting. As a result, Duress has managed to increase customers’ sexual experience. (Duress. Com) B) Political Factor : The degree of intervention of the UK governments in the political environment of Duress is quite important. Duress contributes to the government’s provision of free condoms through the I-J National Health Service. Also the government has not restricted any of Duress’s activities or operations even though the brand has a monopolistic position in the UK market because the company provides a public good. NUN. UK) Also, gay wedding is now part of the law as any other types of marriage, which shows an acceptance of the minorities. Surprisingly, the current global recession has not badly influenced the consumption of condoms. Actually, the recession might have helped improve the sales. This increase might be due to the fact that people are spending more time with their families rather than at work. Martin Lindquist for Fast company attests that the uncertainty of the time lead people to feel a need for protection at any level.

Also, the uncertain environmental context we’ve been experiencing has led people to feel a need for more basic and primitive needs such as safety but also sex. (Lindquist, 2012) D) Social Factors : the “Sexual well being survey’ : Duress has interviewed 26 000 individuals over 26 the Student number 1226399 7 different market’s environment they are targeting. As a result, duress has managed to increase customer’s sexual experience. (Dawn, 2008) However, the United Kingdom is country with a strong ageing of its population, which means that its sexually active target will slowly decrease.

In fact, there are 10 millions people in the united Kingdom that are 65 years old or more and this number would have doubled by 2050. (Uk parliament) II-) The Marketing Micro environment of Duress : 5 porter forces: this analysis is going to help understand and give clear clue of what has been driving the competitive industry and the profitability of this company. 1) Threat of substitute products Condoms are used to prevent users from unwanted pregnancies and Stud’s. Many people do not use condoms (Castes, Steiner, 2002).

People in long- term relationships, married couples, individuals who are willing to conceive babies, people who are too old and can no longer conceive, and finally those who are using other types of contraception. Some of them will have sex without protection and the other will use alternative products. (Castes, Steiner, 2002) Duress must face all those inconveniences in the market but the brand has managed to successfully solve this problem. They have introduced a sub brand: Duress Play, which focuses on providing couples with a new experience of sex. Duress play has eternally changed the meaning of the product in itself.

From a constraint, the condoms have now become a cause of sexual wellbeing and a source of fun. (Coked, 2012) In the European market, within the condoms industry, Duress has bigger share than any of its competitors. 8 In the US where Duress does not have such a good competitive advantage, the brand finishes second in the ranking, after its biggest competitor Trojan (75% of the condoms purchased in America). There are no big differences between Duress and Trojan except that Duress has a more varied range of flavored condoms. There are also no big differences in the prices.

However in the United Kingdom, Duress is the big winner of the competition. By spending growing large amount in Research and Development, the brand had secured a very strong position in the market when it comes to its rivals. Also it has plenty of exit opportunities. (Trusses, 2007) 3) The bargaining power on Customers The nature of the product in itself has enabled duress’s customers to have a great bargaining power because there is no cost to switch from one type of condoms to another. (Waller, 2007) 4) Bargaining power of Supplier : Duress owns lots of power station in strategic places around the world.

Thus the brand is protected from threats from suppliers, because duress has built itself a very strong network. (Collier, 2007) 5) Threat of new entrants : In the condom industry it is very hard to make a successful entry and the current market the threat of new entrants is very small. Brands such as Duress already have a good supply network as well as mass distribution channels. More importantly, they have a long-term know-how. There are very powerful and can afford very big investments to conduct research and to develop innovative new products. The Duress Atlanta range has cost 20 million dollars ND it tool 10 years to develop it.

This product is extremely complex and reflects the very high quality of Duress’s products. Hence, it is very unlikely to see new entrants entering the market successfully. 9 In deed, the condom is a health product that requires a high level of quality, new entrants will not have the mean to obtain a relevant quality, to build a brand image. A) The communication strategy Amongst the manufacturers of condoms, Duress does not conceive better or worse products than its competitor’s. In fact I am convinced that their success comes from their marketing campaigns.

Communication is the driving force that put Duress in their leading seat. The marketing and communication strategy targets 3 groups of customers 1) The young and experimented consumers (17-24). They are at the beginning of their sexual life and use condoms primarily to prevent unwanted pregnancy and Stud’s. They are looking for safe and quality product. 2) The older consumers (25-35), who already have a certain degree of experience. They take into account the comfort and the natural feelings. 10 3) Finally, the third group is all the couples of all ages in long-term relationships.

They are looking for new sensations to spice up their sexual lives in order to avoid monotony. This group is particularly interested by the brand Duress play. (Hatchet, Trusses, Nelson, 2007) Humor is a vital part of the advertising campaigns of duress and its brand identity. Simplicity and humor allows it to use metaphors to implicitly refer to sex and pleasure without offending anyone. It enables the brand to make the act of watching commercials fun. Advertisement is not perceived as a constraint but as an amusement for the viewer which makes him more conductive to purchase. (Richardson, 2001)

Since duress cannot show customers using the product, any kind of product’s performance or user’s experiences, they need to be imaginative. Advertisers must of the brand. This strategy engages the customer’s imagination and has lead to good profit. It prevents from censor and enables the brand to use the mass communication network such as TV spots. The credibility of the brand stems from the culture it conveys and its values. DURESS is a brand that can afford to use humor without risk, because it embodies quality in the industry for almost a century. Also the confidence and experience it inspires is fleeted as soon the name Duress is mentioned. Dawn, 2008) (See Figure 4,5,6,7 in the appendix) 11 To communicate, Duress also uses social networks. The firm is present on Backbone, it has almost 700 000 “likes”. The brand also have a twitter account. For the occasion of the “World AIDS day’ every 1st December, Duress has been established a very large operation on social network. The brand offers to donate a condom to charity for every person who shares a prevention message on twitter or Backbone with the following hash tag : #lecherousness. Such an operation allows the brand to advertise on a ere large basis and to build itself a charitable image.

Figure 2 : Large operation for World AIDS Day The brand also participates to several events such as the gay pride in lots of cities in the world to show its support to the gay community. (Aspired. UK) This enables the brand to target this community, which represents approximately 5% of the population of the United Kingdom. For the occasion they put a huge condoms on a char and give away thousands of condoms as shown below ( see Figure below) 12 Figure 3 : Aspired in London Moreover, in 2007 Duress has undergone a discrete but effective redesign of the logo ND the packaging.

To conquer the market of sexual fulfillment, this change was necessary; it enables the brand to look less masculine and closer to its customers. Used by the person who wears it but by both of the sexual partners. (Lindquist, 2012) Figure 4 : Change of the Design of the Logo and package 13 B) Products and Prices Different attributes enable Duress’s products to stand out from its competitors. The quality of its products is one of those attributes. It is conform to the international standard (ISO 4074:2002). Therefore it ensures the reliability to users. Sell quality products allows DURESS to be trusted.

Product’s design also plays a big part in Duress’s business performance. The firm has literally won the competition on shelf. The boxes are very colorful and visually attractive which enables the brand to differentiate from competition. Also the wide variety of product’s design makes it stand out on shelf. In such a competitive environment, this differentiation is a key asset of success. (Hatchet, Trusses, Nelson, 2007) In terms of innovation, the firm uses new materials such as the nitrite. Moreover and in order to answer the demand, Duress has created new types of condoms such as the fluorescent, the small or the XSL.

The diversification goes beyond the condom market; the brand also offers lubricants, vibrators and the new “Funereal”. The Funereal is an underwear for both men and women that enables long distant lovers to have sex via an APP. Figure 5 : “The Funereal” 14 Because the firm has a certain image of quality and reliability Duress offers prices above the market average. The way Duress understands the product allows them to practice very high price because it is a health product and an innovative one. However they still have a large range of price to fit with all the budgets: From E for he basic 3 condoms box to the Pleasure Max at EYE. Slack, 2010) C)Distribution strategy: are sold in 22 000 chemistries, 5 % are sold via the Duress’s online shop and finally 5 % are given away for Charity. Often the purchase is regulated by the brand awareness and the communication of the manufacturers; the arrival of Internet has permanently altered the way to distribute products. The concept of online shopping is quite innovative for shy customers. It represents an alternative way to purchase that breaks the barriers and enables to freely access information and knowledge of Duress products.

The website, facilitates communication with young adults around the I-J by providing accurate information on their sexuality. It creates an intimate relationship with the customers. (Crack, 1981) Also, Duress uses retailers to reach their targets customers in pharmacies and grocery stores. The brand owns a good network of wholesalers of health products. They resell the goods to smalls and mid sizes companies such as sex shop, convenience stores and vending machines companies. Those intermediates come to conquer smaller market share that are inaccessible for Duress. The transport and storage of these products is directly managed by Duress.

The longevity of the product as well as its ease handling enables a quick distribution and storage of goods without incurring losses. (Slack, 2010) 15 Duress creates specific design of the display to enable products to stand out on shelf. The goal is to solicit customers to consider the purchase and to make them keep the name of the brand in consciousness. V-) Critics : Today, Duress has a role of specialist of sexual happiness for a much more attentive audience. However, the targeting of the young audience can not be done without enquiring the market of smartness.

The Brand does not have any version of the web site for mobile phone. It could be a great way to ensure the brand is in the pocket of customer’s constantly. Also, sextons can be used with condoms, as a orgasm specialist, Duress should expand itself more on the sexton industry. To improve the communication strategy, Duress can do some partnerships with brands that uses sex to attract customers. For example playboy perfume or Axe. The Brand should also develop an “app” that enables to visualize all the closest Duress’s selling points.

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