Disneyland Argumentative Essay

Marketing plan for HK Disneyland Disneyland is the strong brand name in the world. Hong Kong is home to the fifth Disney Resort in the world and the city’s landscape and vibrant, diverse culture have inspired our Imagineers to create a variety of entertainment that is unique to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort brings the magic of a world-class entertainment experience to people of all ages. Nowadays, HK Disneyland will be competing with local and other country theme park .

More competitors go into share the market. The following is explain more about plan for our company marketing planning on the few years Executive Summary HK Disneyland is preparing to launch more products, services and more attraction. To arrive this goals, I think enlarge to develop it. Our objective is creating news product/service and get more customer . Our company wills offers a unique combination of features at value-added price. We are target on different segments customers. It can be make higher demands in the future.

Moreover, objective is to achieve market share leader and financial objectives are achieve sales revenues increased more by 50% , the number of family tourists has increased by 20%, whereas the number of tourists aged below 16 has increased by 35% over the same period. HK Disneyland is a long-term investment and an important component of our tourism infrastructure. It helps develop Hong Kong into the premier destination for family tourists in the region due to growth of visitors. Current Marketing Situation

HK Disneyland faces to hypercompetitors and many theme parks in the theme park entertainment market. For example, Singapore Universal Studios, Ocean Park is enlarging the area and build a hotel, Shanghai Disneyland will build. Diversification products/services are increasing popular today; forecasts suggest that annual sales of such devices will grow more than 50% for the next few years. More visitors income increased and life standard quality is improving due to their country economy turns better , so visitors is growth especially China visitors.

China government has loosen the entry restrictions for citizens of many different countries. Hence, more intense demands are increasing. Moreover, nowadays rapid development of information technology, we can find some information and buy ticket and hotel in internet . New technology can improve our service too! The market segments will target all (we don’t ignore generation Y, because they are willing spend money on this status but still concentrate the family segments.

China market has 20 millions children, we can solve their tension and make them fulfillment. To gain market share in dynamic environment, Disneyland must carefully target specific segments with features that deliver benefits valued by each customer group. Market Description HK Disneyland welcome all different age of visitors to come for has a fun. Specific segment being targeted include Baby boomer, Honeymooners, family such as Full nester, Student, Generation Y, Children .

The following table shows how Disneyland suits the needs of targeted consumer segment. Disneyland consists of different product and service to cater the customer. E. g. Baby boomer like to watch parade and fireworks; Honeymooners take a photo for wedding album; family bring the child to see stage show ;student and generation Y enjoy the exciting rides and musical; children like cartoon character. In fact, all this entertainment facility is popular and caters all of the segments. Targeted Segment |Customer Need |Corresponding feature/Benefit | |Baby Boomer |- Sight seeing |- Inspiration Lake and Recreation Center | | |- with rich experience and extensive |- Park Promenade | | |knowledge |- Arboretum | | | |- Parade and fireworks | | |- Musical | |Honeymooners |- Desire romantic atmosphere |- Spa in hotel | | | |- Disneyland theme hotel | | | |- Romantic dinning restaurant | | | |- Take photo with cartoon character | |Family such as Full nester |-For relax and have a fun |- 3D film | |with child |-Have happy experience |- Musical | | | |- Parade and fireworks | | | |- Cartoon character | | | |- Rides | | | |- All activities and entertainment | Targeted Segment |Customer Need |Corresponding feature/Benefit | |Generation Y & student |- Exciting |- Rides such as Space Mountains | | |- Attractive |- Different and unique attraction such as 3D | | |- Cater friend gathering and have a fun |film, Musical | | |- Entertainments |- Halloween for scared ghost house, bright | | | |decorations of Christmas, celebrate the seasons| | | |with events | |Corporate users |- Convention room for meeting |- Explore the unique, modern and adaptable | | |- Banquet and event |places to host your guests | | |- |- Big area space for party | New Services To sustainable our company benefit, we need to Continuous improving firm. Add more values to satisfy our customers, therefore we can attack other competitors and bring our long term profit!

I suggest some new service and how to product-market expansion. The following is includes market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. For the transportation, we can provide shuttle bus. Because customers think that when they going to back home from Disneyland, they think take the bus to home is very far and consumes a long time. They want to back home quickly and don’t want to wait a bus for a long time. To convenience them, we supply shuttle bus in the peak hour in the peak seasonal such as Halloween, Christmas events. We only provide single journey from Disneyland to center (e. g. Mongkok ) . It can solve people crowed and block.

For new services, we would like add new technology in it. Such as Wi-FI in Disneyland, Mobile iPhone apps, hotel IP phone 5. ; Also, when customers watch the 3D film, we can provide functional Audio translator player to our come from different country visitors. They can use this player to choice their language to watch; For the disable or handicapped segment, we cant ignore them. We can provide guide dog to guide this group people visit around. We also have our crew to assist them. They can able to have good memory and experience. Moreover, we create a tour for disable and handicapped this group segment, because they want to have a fun but they need to pecial look after careful for them. This group really wants to visit but their family cannot take them out due to family member busy work. So that this group people can join our tour . They can feel our love and care them. They feel very touching . We will insert Story telling activities. Through cartoon character telling education story to children, they can learn more. They also can offer special price tickets and souvenir and first priority to enjoy our attraction and entertainment ; In additional, Baby boomer care about her health on her age. So we can add some health product/services elements in it. We can take some vacant lands to be farm.

This farm is farming organic foods and fruit. We can teach them how to farm and give some health knowledge to them. I believe that it have health and education elements . Every people like it and popular. Family like it much of this family tour; I would like to add circus. Performers may wear cartoon clothes to perform. It can target all segment. They don’t need outbound to see ; Insert Ferris Wheel in Disneyland ,more attraction and romantic ; Also, Take a land for four seasons garden. This garden has different varieties beauty flower and plants. In different season have different flowers to display; Then, I suggest customer take a cartoon clothes to wear and taking photo.

Let the participants involved (emerging trend) , they think so funny! ; Final, most of the tourists is interesting to know more our company at the back such as the stage at the back ,how performers change their perform uniform so quick? How do the performers make up…… etc. They are very interesting and want to explore the mysterious world of Disneyland. We can offer this suggestion to them. These new services and product is personalization. It can create and attract potential customers. We can make potential customer change to our actual customers. They will think more worth to visit! Competitive Review New theme park and new attraction sights to enter this market in the world.

It has pressures industry participants to continually add features and cut prices. Competitions from specialized devices for sms, email messaging, invest lots of money on shopping mall. Key competitors include: – Ocean Park target segment to all groups. They have different values and features. They have exciting entertainment such as rides and also have sightseeing such as shows, animal exhibits. Those activities brings the culture and education value. – Universal Studios Singapore target segment to all groups. They have different values and features. Tourists explore world’s largest Marine life park, ride the movie™ at studio, catch Animatronics performance, meeting at largest column –free ballroom. Competitor |Targeted Segment |Features |Price | |Ocean Park |All group |Aquarium, The abyss turbo drop, Ocean theatre, Sea jelly |Adult | | | |spectacular, Skyfair, Space Wheel, Sightseeing tower, |$ 250 | | | |Panda, Alligator, dolphins |Children | | | | |$ 125 | |Universal Studios Singapore |All group |Roller coasters, movie-themed shows, ocean’s creatures, |Adult | | | |FestiveWalk, Maritime Xperiential Museum,Spa,Villa,Wedding |$ 365 | | | |banquet, Best dinning and atmosphere |Children | | | | |$ 265 | Despite this strong competition, Disneyland can carve out definite image nag gain recognition among targeted segment. Our voice-recognition features for fairy stories , Disneyland cartoon ,firework and Disney souvenirs. That is differentiation for competitive advantage. Also, they got good experience and unforgettable memory after they visit.

Moreover, HK Disneyland has some product and services are HK Disneyland own and innovation such as it is a small world; the largest world film screen; three theme attractions, that are innovation and own in HK Disneyland and will not appear from other Disneyland; Besides, we have Toy Story Campus at HK Disneyland , that is innovation in Asia. TOWS MATRIX – DISNEYLAND | |Strengths (S) |Weaknesses (W) | | |Exclusive | | | -Disneyland patent right in HK(first cartoon |Smaller area size compare with other Disneyland | | |theme park) |Not attractive to generation Y. ( no more amusement| | |High standard of service |rides) | | |Strong brand name |Unchanged visual merchandising | | |Customer loyalty and have celebrity recommend|Less attraction | | |and support. | | |Strong network and support by HK government | | | |Comfort environment and warm atmosphere | | |Opportunities (O) |SO Strategies |WO Strategies | | | | | |Emerging trends destination |Take advertisement in family always visit |Enlarge Disneyland | |Solo tour (China Market) |place and internet. |- E. g. Disney Seas (a water world theme park) | |Pricing is cheaper than other Disneyland |Promotion to China market. |likes Tokyo | |Demand increasing due to people living |Provide diversification items in a program |2. To build up more attractive and values on | |standard enhanced, visitors growth up and |To promote Disneyland hotel and resort |Disneyland | |JPD rate raised |proving good services and quality |3. ) Don’t ignore target to generation Y. | |Threats (T) |ST Strategies |WT Strategies | |Increased competition. -Some countries |Offer special price for some seasonal |Review market strategy and whether need to | |built theme park are similar with |Insert Joint-related discount with other |refresh. | |Disneyland. E. g. : EVERLAND in Korea |brand company promotion |Create new customer and new product/service. | |,Universal Studies . Bring them to reminds of their childhood |Build image are suitable for all segment group | |Increased competition market share and |memory |Continuous improving firm and attend more SCR | |pressure on pricing ( Shanghai Disneyland)| |(Society corporate reasonability. | | | | | Objectives and Issues I have ser aggressive but achievable for the first and second years of market entry. First-year Objectives We are aiming for raising market share percentage; people aware of HK Disneyland and make them recall ; more different segments love and visit and make a buzz. Second- year Objectives

Our second- year Objectives are to achieve market leader and keep it stable and keep for a long time. Increases the popular level in world and make tourists first priority to visit it. Also, have good profit revenue. ] Issues Our major issue is the ability to establish a well-regarded brand name with meaningful position. We must invest heavily in marketing to create a memorable and distinctive brand image projecting innovation, values, benefit. We also must measure awareness and response we can adjust our marketing efforts as necessary. Marketing Strategy Positioning Visit Disneyland differentiation, we are positioning as the most value and benefits added to visit. The friend and family gathering place.

The strategy will focus on the attraction, entertainment, good atmosphere. Remind they will have unforgettable memory and remind they will loss if they never come. Product/Service/people strategy Tell the public that we will provide training to our staff, so our customers can feel our services have excellent quality service to provide. We will treat our staff happy, then staff can make happy and motivate to our customer. We will display beautiful, bright and well decoration, comfort environment, enjoyment , wonderment sight seeing and has a gorgeous time in the park . Price and promotion strategy We expect to lower the price of tickets when we expand and launch new attraction.

We will do some promotion of tickets and hotel. We will make some promotion and discount in dull seasonal. Because it can attract more people to come. Also, student and disable person offer some discount; offer some package for family segment. If customer birthday or wedding anniversary or Disneyland anniversary, we also offer big discount and gifts for them . Moreover, we will contact some corporate and company to joint-relate discount. For example, if they shopping at Eugenegroup shop and purchase, they take the shop receipt can get special offer price. Then, we will launch new Disney cartoon souvenirs (Limited sale and limited version) in a year.

It can attract customer to come and collect this valuable products. Place strategy Because is a fairy tale theme park, therefore the choice of location far away person smoke already place, the coordination specially designs the MTR subway to lead the paradise; The entire design extremely coordinates the paradise subject, enters the singularly varied paradise by the world through the tunnel. Establish strategic business units (SBUs) The Walt Disney Company Disneyland Disney Cruise Line Disneyland Hotel and Resort Disneyland souvenirs store Disneyland restaurant Action Programs Following are summaries of the action programes : 2010 July – 2011 July: Press Release: Hong Kong Disneyland Announces Expansion Plans. -Will have new Attractions in Disney and I phone apps -Concentrate to promote for China market on advertisements ( Media, web site,facebook. ) -Create and held on new different events for celebration and ceremony. 2011 July- 2012 July: -Make slogan and find different age of opinion leader and celebrity endorsement to promote for different segment group -To announce one of the new attractions is opening. -Continuing promote in advertisements and target all segment. Use different message and meaningful in advertisement media for all segments. – Keep promoting for China market -Sale promotion -Do more SCR and charity. Insert the new service such as for disable tour and new technology. -Photograph competition 2012 July- 2013July: Press Release: -All new products and new services finished to built and playing gradually. (details of new service and product ,see the above-mentioned articles -Continuing promote in advertisements and target all segment. Use different message and meaningful in advertisement media for all segments for the entire world. – Keep promoting for China market -Do more SCR and charity. – Slogan again and find different age of opinion leader and celebrity endorsement to promote for different segment group – Sale promotion continuing -Review the annual report

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