Globalisation to Glocalistation

As a matter of fact, this means that people across the world can interchange merchandises and info more swiftly ND simply. This process is called globalization, where the worldwide coming together of countries and nation. (Screamers, K. 2009) For instance, companies such as Apple and Blackberry which produces smart phones in the united States. Their products are in ballot competition with each other, but both companies pay the same salary’ and production cost. They have the same customers; uses the same suppliers and sell their products at similar prices. In short, the same condition applies to both companies.
Due to technical, cultural and economic developments that come about through libations; other companies which manufacture products in a different country can now offer their products in the United States too. That is why; a company like Samsung in Korea can sell their products in the United States at a lower price because they were produced for less. The local companies like Apple and Blackberry have to react and withstand the competition, and so, the world growth is stronger and there is an active exchange of goods between countries, more affordable products are available for more people.
However, not only products and economical merchandises take place but also he services, knowledge, cultural groups and even languages. All these essentials are thoroughly connected and impact each another but when there’s light, there’s shadow because of globalization and the immense interchange of merchandises, public in the surroundings frequently suffers. When a corporation decide to transfer their productions into an economically disadvantage country, those in industrialized countries loses their jobs. On the contrary, job prospects opens up to many locals in the economically disadvantage countries.

A vast number of people in these developing Mounties work for very low salaries as compared to those who work in developed countries. As a result, they go on being poor and do not have adequate social and health insurance attention. A further disadvantage in globalization is ecological problem such as immaculate variation. The usage of airplanes, vessels and lorries to transport merchandises over worldwide borders is continually increasing. These cause more carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere which consequently, is the key cause to global warming.
Even international environmental standards are ignored. This is a further cause factor in worldwide international competition which should be kept as low as possible to remain attractive to companies. There are therefore many sides to globalization which affect almost all aspect of life and the variation of optimistic or undesirable effects will carry on to propagate further. What is imperative is to realism that globalization is neither morally correct nor immorally incorrect, it just hinge on how the society contract with all the new opportunities in the future. Hefted, G. 1980). Globalization has been occurring for quite some time, mostly via the internet and media through an increasing media globalization and it has recreated what is known as globalization. From some critics, globalization is a nightmare, where a single global culture swifts the world, crumbling the ethnicities, values and beliefs in the pathway. Imagine a world where major organizations and international corporations manipulate powers alleged from only by the nation. People wearing the same apparels, drinking the same beverages, and hearing to the same songs.
Globalization is a reality; it is an observable fact in which ethnicities, governments and economies from all rounds the globe appears to incorporate towards one universal structure. Global trade and travel, the media and Internet accessibility continue to make our world smaller. Major communications and oil corporations yield more than various nations’ gross domestic product (GAP) and influence the controls of government politics. Yet, the world is still in an immense variety of tradition society, beliefs and values; all the essentials that make up a local ethnicity.
Clash of ethnicities has very much defined our past stories, from imperialism and colonialism to clash of lifestyles and religions where the differences in values met superscription and conflict can follow. The same continues as influential mufti-national corporations move into local areas while local areas reach out to various economic, Information and technology benefits. This is where globalization comes in, it is an uncertain problem of globalization. Globalization is made up of the words “globalization” and “localization”.
Globalization had stabilized the rising world arena with localized everyday life, protecting our cultural heritage. (Screamers, K. 2006) According to the business world, where corporations ecological the global product to meet the market. The concept of globalization in business originated in Japan during the 1 9805, with an idea of acclimatizing a universal merchandise to fit into a local market. By the millennium year (2000), the word has become a thrilling word in the developed industries, with giant corporations seeking for ways to globalize everything from hamburgers to websites.
Corporations from all over the world have to think of the finest way to convince local consumers to buy their international potential products, and not just introduce as it is but adapt it to meet its consumers’ taste and needs. (Screamers, K. , & Tasking, M. 000) McDonald’s is a classic example, individual of its restaurant, in more than 150 nations offers McDonald’s labeling by the authentic menus vary to meet the preferences of local’s sense of taste and nutritional requirements. McDonald’s restaurants in Malaysia, offers mostly poultry dishes except pork since many Muslims do not eat pork due to their religion belief.
Similarly, by walking into a Thai McDonald’s and you can see a Ronald McDonald figuring with a “Seesawed Kara” gesture with the idea to let the locals feel like it is home. Many global television network adapt their agenda to fit into the efferent market as well. For instance, American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, The X-Factor, America’s Next Top Model and MET boost broadcasting in more than 20 countries. The broadcasting networks globalize every channels which resulted in delivery between a good mixture of regional and international artistes.
Globalization applies to far more than fast food and prime time programming. (Ritzier G. 2000) With globalization changing the structure of global power, a global corporation’s goal is not saying “here is a burger” but rather ask “here is a burger you like”. When globalization and culture connects, local communities alp to build more sustaining global policies. The marketing, funding and infrastructures behind a product may come from a global corporation but the local level defines the finished form of the product.
For instance, Lays Chips Thailand is a major corporation which produces potato chips has to listen to their locals, as the people in Thailand favors spicy basil, they blend into the local culture and produced a spicy Thai basil flavored potato chips. Globalization eliminates many various government and organizations that stand in between global resources and local communities. These gave cities ND local authorities an increased global growth closing the gap between geography and politics. Organizations such as The Global Forum gives a push to a more stabilized world through a series of global strategies.
Encouraging free societies, emphasizing city-to-city diplomacy and developing local economies. Developing tourism and sporting opportunities for economies, social and health benefits and reevaluating and encouraging local cultures. Empowering youth with a ecological view of the world, using communication and information technology to foster social relationship and economic placement. In turn, results to all those strategies are all the same, evolving the world where local areas profits from global resources while holding onto their own cultural characteristics.
Letting & Pickax (1996) says “The challenge here is not simple to use new techniques, but to adopt a radical spirit in their implementation; reversing traditional power dynamics, trusting participants and their ‘messy’ lives to ultimately tell an alternative story about public relations that can inform our understanding. ” In summary, different countries growth experience, which were supported y applicable science and technology policies, delivers a substantial example of the efficiency of globalization as a sensible advancement strategy.
Although these strategies were not always flawless and there were lapses from time to time but generally, it has shown that cultural fusion can be an advantage if appropriately connected for the objective of reaching socioeconomic growth without creating mass discrimination and social displacement. Under those circumstances, it is significant to take the local context and variables and not to fall into the trap of blind imitation or parroting of western philosophies and receptions.

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