American Nursing Association’s Opposition to the Healthcare Act

Presentation Overview of the Issue Over 3.6 million nurses oppose the AHCA AHCA threatens the quality, access, and delivery of healthcare Changes will not improve healthcare for American People AHCA will have far-reaching effects on the lives of millions of people AHCA should be repealed Brief History and Importance It was voted to pass on […]

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Personal Nursing Philosophy and Professional Career

Abstract The work provides an elaboration of a personal nursing philosophy, which reflects some critical professional considerations that serve as the guiding points for individual career standing. In the work, eight major points are emphasized. Primarily, the explication of nursing as a personal, occupational choice is given. Secondly, the core and the essential focus of […]

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Continuing Education Plan in Nursing Administration

Table of Contents Introduction Outlining a plan for continuing education is essential for nursing professionals who are determined to pursue post-secondary learning in their sphere of knowledge or to acquire new expertise. Careful planning can help an individual decide which post-graduate programs or courses can be effective in enhancing their knowledge and skills as well […]

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Personal Wellness Inventory in Healthcare

Omaida Personal Wellness Inventory and Reflection Every human being develops his self-confidence and inner world, sets new goals and tries to achieve them during the life, in other words, becomes emotionally mature. However, this does not always work. With the aim of determining my maturity, I complete the survey. Spiritual and Emotional survey: Part A. […]

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Whistleblowing at Nursing Workplace

Table of Contents Measures (Indicators) to Support the Issue A professional approach to the provision of qualified nursing care is an integral component of a successful healthcare policy. Those employees who concern about the condition of their wards and can provide them with all possible assistance, as a rule, receive well-deserved recognition among their management […]

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Nursing Hours per Patient Day Staffing Method

Summary The paper at hand represents a concise analysis of a research report. One tried to examine the selected study from the point of view of its design, the level of its evidence and the quality of its literature review. The particular focus was put on the estimation of the general validity of the researchers’ […]

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Nursing Health Care Theory and Practice

Table of Contents Introduction Over the last ten weeks, I have taken a course that included a variety of topics that were studied in theory and practice. Some of the topics included adolescent and geriatric care, psychiatric disorders, cultural and social justice issues, rules and regulations in nursing practice, and patient encounters. The present paper […]

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