The New System Proposal: Riordan Cloud System

We would like to propose a Ordain Cloud system service that will maintain all of your training courses, software update, running diagnostics for Routine systems checks. For long as we all know it will be a lot easier for communication within the organization. What is the Cloud System Service? You can think of portable work station because of the fact you can access is on the World Wide Web or some kind of Wi-If or link. It’s continuously available to all users anytime and anywhere on an Internet connection is that allows you to quickly find ATA, information, applications and tools to help you do your Job more efficiently.

This cloud system service will allow your company to install from any access point to another access point on your cloud system service site to conduct training with your employees at any time necessary. This new cloud system service will incorporate all of the items that you already have in the work place. The only foreseeable problems will be, having hackers more frequently trying to breech into the system in order to gather information or account details. So as needed to upgrade your servers to the overload of to New System Proposal Page 2 handle the increased workload on them as well upgrading your systems or infrastructure.

To make sure no mishaps will happen. Which large portion of your company’s resources is making sure that everything and all your systems are install and having the right software updates. And this will be an added savings in being able to store more applications, software, and all need data entry forms for the company and everything else. That is the most important resources that the company needs to have a vast infrastructure. Your Cloud system is going to be a high asset for your business. How do you meet the major demands for speeds and agility while keeping most of the costs down.

Build on the foundation of your Cloud system with technologies that increase its responsiveness, support, scaling, deployment of applications faster, and enable you to identify insights in your rapidly expanding volumes of data. This provides scaling, performance, infrastructure provisioning, power consumption, and security features you need to power your cloud. After all learning material that is needed for the cloud system service, we are guaranteeing that this will go above and beyond all requirements necessary for the true of your company.

For the numbers and costs wise, are biggest factors to your the old type of systems. Using this cloud system service will drastically reduce all or any of those numbers and start to raise your workload and performance to achieve the upped most scholar awards to further the best interest for your company. Also will intended to get your company goes into a path off new direction on to newer technology and New System Proposal Page 3 developments to be a vast company.

One thing that we trying to accomplish here is when designing this new cloud system service is to have but more and more people o the fact numbers and start to raise your workload and performance to achieve the upped most scholar awards to further the best interest for your company. Also will intended to get your company goes into a path of a new direction on to newer technology and developments to be a vast company. One thing that we trying to accomplish here is when designing this new cloud system service is to have but more and more people to the fact that were going to be more portable and on the go.

To have a infrastructure is to reciprocate its time for the future to catch up to what we need our company to be. This will be your front line for your workers to have a larger and more accurate objective on when getting work done to they’re co- workers liking. For those you whom need the more advance technology to have an in depth training on the systems. This cloud system service will be help accomplish new means of the computer based applications by being more accessible to more people. Then will it get used to it and then which will intend on the patent it or copyright it. Which can increase more Jobs and more revenue in the company.

Also will get people more familiar with the yester to expand the infrastructure of the company to see how the company uses the cloud system service to make sure everyone does what there suppose to be doing. We want to have a set up so that you will be more advanced with a technology that hasn’t been brought to New System Proposal Page 4 any other company to build a strong and reliable infrastructure to get more business and help no another has success. The application itself will ensure that the employee has understood these system and is ready to implement it to the work the is required by them.

And also to make sure that the employees who view it retains he information system. This will also allow the company to reorganize or completely change the lessons in a way Those who need it more easily understand that. I can see that you’re going to be asking you, well what about security concerns with the new system. This is why your system will be a will have to update and maximize your infrastructure and server’s. The only way to gain access to the cloud system service is to log into your company’s Internet service. This is the most secure way without any new procedures and for no reason to install or get a new system.

Our first and only goal is ensure that everyone is receiving the training they need and to maintain the vast infrastructure that were trying to imply here to make you the best of all the up keeping that system and gathering all information that goes with it. They will be required to log in with their surname and password that will be set to expire every 90 days. This will prevent any login information from being intercepted by the certain one that is trying to get into the system from the backbone. This will intend to add a fail-safe in which there is an unlikely event that the network is improvised and not detected.

Then your information will only be available for a limited time before the access is or will be denied by the 90-day change. Also there could be a employee badge to enable to login with using a Pin code or even a thumbprint to ensure New System Proposal Page 5 meets security measures and allow gain access to the server room in which where the cloud server is maintain and located at. The main benefits that are going to be available from this is that were going to be on you own private cloud system everything in maintained in house. Everything that the

IT department is going to is strong have reliable infrastructures to make sure every issues can be heavily resourced. As its usage can slowly run all servers running on the same node. With a lack of ease from having a scalable upgraded or downgrading a server will involve manual procedures, which are all fully automated the cloud. They’re going to update and provide a sense of readiness to this new environment to help us maintain a good relation with no one getting inside of the private cloud system that we are prospered to you today.

Some are simply ways of doing tasks, which could be accomplished, usually less well, by other means but most cases, the system could not otherwise be accomplished at all. , whereby using the private key, known only, encrypts data to the owning user. It can only be decrypted using the corresponding personal that can only be the IT department. We will not Just make this system available to anybody or by a trusted infrastructure, which enables and supports this. The crucial fact to bear in mind is that if anyone or any person Just walks into the infrastructure has an importance to the system to make sure no one gains access to system.

Page 6 Now that we know what the benefits are of using a private infrastructure, let take a look back at our previous statement to where we stated about using the employee’s badge as to authenticate the device or a smart card as you will. You may be asking yourself, why go through all the extra trouble of using a smart card or the employee’s badge to login into this cloud system to help us to see that it’s all done by in house by your people and there eyes-only. Using the private cloud system it will help to ensure that your network and files stay safe and secure from public infrastructure.

As far as omen most of the concerns go, this new system will help with the environment. Since we could reuse your current infrastructure this will reduce the amount of waste from older systems being trashed or deleted.. But were are going to have to have an updated servers, sows can’t take them and re-use them in our new infrastructure but we may ask you to upgrade your Ethernet. The benefits of having this TO Ethernet cable are many. But more off larger scale that needs to incorporate a vast ton of data and information onto your network so that data may be shared and utilized in real time or over a large distance from the rivers.

We feel that this will help your company. From allowing it to use your cloud system service as a system to maintain itself and make sure its working properly with the infrastructure holding a strong common ground to materials. One of the many benefits of the TO Ethernet cable is that there are over a vast number of dedicated channels devoted to the network at all times which allows for a 45 Mbps. This is which it wills allows all page 7 of the your files will rapidly move from one section of the organization to the other at an amorous speed.

The distance of sending and receiving files applications a numerous amounts of data at which intend will no longer be a problem with these kinds of speeds. This will allow the company workers and co- workers to converse between each other in case something goes wrong or they see a breech in the mainframe. The only way that there is a drawback to this is the type of network is that if it goes down there will is by utilizing the this is self-explanatory but in the end your mind will be blown away from everything that involved with it your company will be a priceless because you will save so much time and money.

With the server you will be blown away from everything that involved with it your company will be a priceless because you will save so much time and money. With the server you can have an piece of equipment with the ability the have these upgraded servers it holds a strong shield around the company from having a someone Just coming in the network Just to take useful and important information. There are many options on going to have this cloud system service go from having a the cloud system storage, cloud backup data systems, management system.

These systems are one of many that we can also do for the reasoning for that we’re trying to indorse here. With these many options we can build your company to more advancement to make it more marketable. Page 8 This will prove invaluable to your company since there will be no need to physically have your employee’s, to tell or let other know about problems in the interface dealing with the cloud system in which it will tell everything that going on. This one feature alone could prove the worth in the entire investment, as we are sure you already know.

Besides the lack of productivity among employees on assignment from the older systems where trying to market here a change in today world of working everything from one big infrastructure then Just having many employee’s that can do this Just as there daily Job. This would allow the your company’s assets to be better maintained in the same amount of work or even proven fact of 50% more workload and instead of less down time. The second available option is a Bonded TTL infrastructure.

This is a system where you can your infrastructure going to any location at the rate mobs per line thus we can have the option can the maximum of iambs. There are advantages and only one disadvantage with this infrastructure that we will go over. The cost is compared too fractional of the TO infrastructure feature, and the limited scalability. Lets get into the cost of this big step of business a telecommunication lines from the cheapest to most expensive as of the following.

By these options we can go into slowly stepping up our connection of keeping costs low and increase our bandwidth based on requirement of our new system. This will allow us to reduce startup costs from the needed bandwidth upgrade instead of having a large TO line that will meet any demands but increase our costs dramatically. The only disadvantage of this type f setup is its limited New System Proposal Page 9 scalability due to its cost limitations at bonded TTL lines the cost is greater than that off fractional TO. So in the end you would simply be paying extra for the having multiple bonded TTL lines.

The option to upgrade too fractional TO or even a full TO can be made at a later date when a more accurate demand calculation is attained after initial implementation and operation of the new system. To summarize a bandwidth required by the new system. During our initial launch and early operation we will have it built into the connection creating a newer network to eliminate a potential connection issues. This will give us a great idea to where we stand with the output of true bandwidth demand of the new system and can guide us into upgrading into a fractional or full TO at a later date if necessary.

Now as we have talked and given you our proposal let us get into why we are going forth with accomplishing all of this work to benefit of the distance of learning. Also with our new system we will have the upped most newest system from file sharing to going ahead and making a system that can mostly do anything to help you with little down time for your employees. In the end this upgrade to your system will benefit all of your current factories, as it will essentially link them all together as one.

The concept of having this new system through a network is exciting to many companies. There are many benefits to having access. One great advantage to the Ordain site will be the elimination of travel expenses for the company instructors going all over the place to use page this system and show how it going to work and what’s its going to accomplish. This will obviously be easier on the travel budget but will also allow for a greater output f productivity since all employees will be on hand at any given time through a cloud system service that will always be at an arms reach.

Also making an easier application will improve business communication though out the whole the organization. As stated there will be an easier platform for how we work, what goes on, and making sure the company is running a lot smoothly after everything is set up. We are actually consider many other devices and newer technology and also the companies mobile phone as a cloud like service as a device to the offices overseas and other countries after everything is set up and implemented.

Computers are necessary for the cloud system service but however we are going to come up with newer and improved services as those like, POI systems and tablets can be implemented over time in the near future we have to do everything one at a time to see how it all work and goes. We will make integration a much simpler process when combining everything to the cloud system services to help mainstream, the new applications to upgrade everything in our path to make sure your company is going to have the best-integrated system that it can have for the 22nd century.

As we look on for the future blessing of Ordain where corporate is a one and only concern. We have the ability for your employees to be able to log in and access many applications, data, files through remote access. It has been proven that learning is page 10 well and every more informational easy when it’s retained through a newer system the option to have higher speed streaming to simply have everything that employee’s data right there at a simply log in. Ordain will also receive many boosts in speeds with working with files on their website and other distant servers. Giving the thanks o the higher through put this will create.

While some see the upload of files as a minor annoyance with more bandwidth speed and a better infrastructure there will also be a certain benefits of increased of speed. One will be the ability to access files and change them. Considering the fact that Ordain serves as a manufacturing company this could be an important flaw in the material or the finished product are noticed and the production of plastic goods can be shut down while the problem is solved. Here time truly is money. This asset will also help ensure your design has the o ahead on everything they need no matter what. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our proposal.

We have covered many areas including, we were here to provide you with a reason why you need to upgrading your system, the security of using a public or private clouding system. That’s ethical to have its concerns and how it will help reduce down time. Upgrading your existing Ethernet lines to a TO connection, and the benefits of why you should upgrade to our cloud system services. One of the many benefits in the areas of your company you’re your employees to have a accessible and there willing to being able to virtually innocent all of your companies to one vast infrastructure will probably be the easiest Page 1 1 improvements to give .

Security should be a benefit is not overlooked. With companies relying on there so heavily there is a need to protect them at all costs. We have ensured that there are several layers of protection to keep the network running and data safe. Should any questions or concern come along while reading our proposal for your company to have a new an improved like system to have what you need to get the Job done no matter what. Please don’t be shy and feel free to give a all, or give us a email.

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