This paper would be comparing and contrasting judaism vs. hinduism

All I need you to do is finish the paper I have already started on it it has to be a minimum of 5 pages. One as the cover page and one as the reference page and three pages of writing in the MLA format. Below is the information I have already collected would be in regular typing is what I have personally typed as for the bold is information I copied an passed to try and construct the paragraph its for :

When it comes to where the history of these religions, they are similar but yet different at the same time. These are religions that haven really changed over time. These are not the kind of regions that evolve over time. They are based off of their original core values. When it comes to Judaism its hearth was originally located in Israel. Israel would be located in the middle east. Next when it comes to Hinduism’s its original hearth was located along the Indus River Cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. This would have been they are around the time period BBC. Hinduism was based out of Southern Asia to be exact it was based out of Britannica. Now days Judaism would be currently located mostly in Israel and the United States. Then when it comes to Hinduism it would currently located be located in Nepal, India, and Mauritius.

There are many ways that these religions are similar. The most common way they would be similar are would be because both Judaism and Hinduism would both be a part of the autonomous religions. This would commonly be found it what’s is called the Oxford Library. The Oxford library was founded in what in the time period of the14th century. This was founded under who was known as Thomas Cobham. He was a Bishop of Worcester. Both of these regions believe that all god is equal.

These two religions are also different in many was some of the most common ways that they are different is that on is Monotheistic and the other is Polytheistic. This means that in Judaism they believe in one god which is called monotheistic. Which mean that there is only one founder of this religion. Now when it comes to Hinduism it is a Polytheistic region which means that they believe in multiple gods. This means that there is more than one founder of this religion. This is more commonly known as henotheistic which means that these people of this religion believe that all gods are equal. This information can also be found in the Oxford Center. Most of their core beliefs are very different. When it comes to Judaism, they believe that this one God can have a personal relationship with all of his followers individually. This would be because the Jews did in fact originate as a result of the chosen people. This would be because these Jews did in fact acknowledge that there is a community with other Hews thought the world. Their religious book would be called the Torah which would be a book of laws that do in fact govern the Jewish way of life. Then when it comes to Hinduism it would be a part of the Vedas which are the ultimate authorities. This would have a lot to do with how they govern the Hindu lifestyle. You can say that the overall goal for this religion would be for the individual soul to be a part of moksha. This is because everyone within this religion should strive to achieve the dharma. This would commonly be known as a Cultural Landscape. Hindu’s believe that brahman would be the source of all things. They also believe that the four Vedas are true. They also believe that the universe goes through multiple endless cycles if creation, preservation, and existence. People apart of the Hindu religion often have big egos as a result of their religion. They strongly believe in the law of karma. This would indicate that whatever goes around will come back around but worse. This means that whatever you put into the world would be whatever you get out. When you work off of bad karma you will receive moksha which means that this person has incurred their previous life. They have any different paths of god. This religion does have a true religion and it doesn’t madder what order you go in as long as you find brahman. They believe that after death you could be reincarnated depending on how you lived your first life. Now Judaism founder was Moses. Their holy book would be known as the Torah mostly based out of the old testament. They believe in an after death would be for those who lived ridiculously, and they would go to a place similar to heaven. Then when it comes to those who were known for wrong doing would be sent to be tormented by demons. Their overall goal would be to embody the Torah so that they can adventally go live with the gods. They belive that prayer is only to be a direct conversation between you and god. They belive that thir god will give rewards to the good and they will punish the wikked. They belive that the Messiah will come again. They also think that the dead will be resurrected.

History of the religions.

Hinduism has spread over time through relocation diffusion through millions of people who have migrated from the Indus River Valleys into Southeast Asia and other countries which carried Hinduism North and East of India. Judaism spread over time during the Babylonian exile period while the Jews were spread among Asian countries, which later diffused to the United States. (Britannica)


There are not many sycretic traits between Hinduism and Judaism and other faiths because they are ethnic religions. Ethnic religions tend to remain in their place of origin and stay consistent with their own cultural beliefs without adopting other religious values. (Pew Research)


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