Charter Schools in Florida

According to dictionarycom, charter schools are “publicly funded independent schools established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authorityi” Charter schools are usually tuition-free, public educational institutions that could range from elementary to high school grades, and they are meant to provide an exceptional education to students that are attending, since they’re privately run even though they’re publicly funded. However, one of the biggest controversies in education is debate of how charter schools perform within education compared to how traditional public schools perform in education.

This paper will analyze the performance of charter schools within Florida by analyzing the most successful charter school within the state as well as the most failing charter school within the state to fully come to the understanding as to what type of an impact charter schools have on society.  There has been many news regarding charter schools in Florida lately, most of them focusing on how “Florida tops nation in charter school closures” (Pillow, 2016), and how “charter school get F’s three times as often in Florida“ (Maxwell, 2017). Richard Milbum Academy of Florida is a great example of one of Florida’s charter schools that failed horriblyi Reportedly, the institution has already shut down seven times since 2006, and has last been shut down due to their board abandoning the school, leaving the school without authority (Perrine, 2014). Authorities think charter schools have problems because they can’t fully replace traditional schools, and can’t serve to the capacity that traditional schools do.

One of the many examples to support this is the research done on charter schools which reveals “charter schools serve significantly fewer special education students than traditional students” (Strauss, 2014). However, there are charter schools within Florida, as well as within the nation, that are very beneficial to their students, and help them excel in life Arts and Sciences is one of the best charter schools in Florida; “it‘s won accolades from Florida‘s Department of Education, the Florida Charter School Conference, and the US Department of Education” (Wright, 2018). A school like the Arts and Sciences charter school is one that seeks out the most exceptional students since it has an acceptance and rejection letter as most colleges do, it promises discipline and success, and promises parents safetyl As can be seen, although most charter schools can prove to be problematic within Florida, there are some promising ones. The government should focus on not funding charter schools that don’t prove to have a successful future envisioned for themselves and for their prospective students.


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The Idea of Manifest Destiny in the Expansion of the United States

During the 1840s the United States expanded a great deal. The US. gained land in Texas, California, and Oregon. Some of the lands was gained diplomatically, and some of the lands was gained using force No matter how we got it, we got it, and the land that we got was crucial to the success of the development of our country. Many people were caught up in the idea of “Manifest Destiny,” which was the belief that the US, was destined to control all of North America. With expansion becoming a center issue many people argued against it saying it was economically, politically, strategically and morally wrong. First of all, expansion happened during 18405 no matter what the arguments are, and it happened because of many factors.

The main factor was the rapid growth in population. Americans were running out of places to settle and to farm. So naturally, they started moving west, and they didn’t want to leave the safety and the democracy of the United States so Expansion was the only answer. There were many economic reasons that brought about expansion. Farming at this time was a crucial part of American industry, and with the growing population, farmland was being bought out. With the new land Americans were able to start up a lot more farms, which helped the US, a great deal. Many Americans believed that they were destined to control the entire continent, this belief was referred to as “Manifest Destiny,” These persons main arguments was that U.S. control was inevitable, they thought that sooner or later the United States would control the continent, so it might as well be sooner.

They claimed that the US was the country of the future, but that in able to become that country they had to expand to fulfill the countries’ needs. James K. Polk, President of the US. and a firm believer in “Manifest Destiny,” told congress, while trying to get approval to declare war on Mexico, ” Mexico has passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon American soilt. She has proclaimed that hostilities have commenced and that the two nations are now at war,” Polk said that us had no choice but to go to war and that it wasn’t a war just to gain land. Though “Manifest Destiny” was sweeping the nation, many men believed that the United States were going about expansion all wrong. These men said that all noble growth has been slow and that the United States was growing way to fast. They also argued that the imperialistic approach to expansion was wrong on many grounds They said it was morally wrong.

They said it was economically wrong, They said it was strategically wrong, and politically wrong. They felt that Annexing Texas into the Union would only make Mexico mad and possibly cause a war. It wouldn’t stop with Mexico, many believed that it would cause conflicts with many European countries WIEI Channing said that annexing Texas would make it so ” our country will enter into a career of encroachment, war, and crime”. In regard to Polk’s Justifications to war Abraham Lincoln stated that, “He falls short of proving Justification,” Anti-Expansionists felt that expansion was happening too fast and too wrong. In the 1840’s the United States gained a lot of crucial land for the Us. It was argued that it was wrong on many levels, but also that it was inevitable. In the end the United States expanded they did so because they had to.

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The Level of Discipline Present in the American Military

The American military is literary the military force that guards and protects the borders of the United States. The military consists of the Army. Navy. Marine Corps and the Coast guards. The American society has a long histoiy of letting the citizenry control the military and that is why the President is the head of the forces. The United States Department of Defense which falls under the military is one that heads the operations of the military and is additionally headed by the Secretary of Defense. The American military is one of the best led and disciplined military units in the world and the paper seeks to support this notion. Clear focus. Discussion In order to Join the military. the qualifications are usually based on the factors mentioned below.

Age (minimum age of 17 With parental consent), Credit and Finances (should not be enlisted as bankrupt). Education (should have the basic educational standards). Drug/Alcohol Involvement (should not be addicted to alcohol and have clean drug records). Sexual Preference (after the passage of the gay rights it does not really matter but one should state his or her interests prior to joining). Height/Weight Standards (should have an average height of 60 inches and standard body fat). Applicants Married to Military Members (it does not matter but it would be a plus). Medical Physical (should have clean medical records). Citizenship (must be an American citizen whether by birth or registration). Criminal History (should have no criminal history that is considered serious) this is all interesting information.

But how does it prove that the US Militaiy is the best. This needs to be explained to readers. The American army has for half a century been hailed as the best and most disciplined in the world. Ths The American army is one of the best headed militaries in the world Since in the first instance it is headed by the president who happens to be a cIVilian. What makes being a ciwlian leader better than military? The military is one of the strongest forces in the country. and if not guarded well. it will search for other means of control, The American military is headed by the secretary of defense who is second»in-command to the president. and one of the key duties that he or she performs is to ensure that the whole army is in line.

Consequently. it would be in the best interest of the society to come out With ways and means of ensuring that they are protected. When the military actions are studied [it is seen] rephrase that the American military is headed by the virtue of respect. The serVIcemen respect the leaders who are in command since they are the ones who are tasked With guiding them. That is the sole reason as to why even in spite of the public opinion of the allegations that the militaiy is bossy. the servicemen always take their duties seriously and it is unheard of that a military man has absconded this Word means stolenrchoose another. from duty. This serves to prove that there is diligence among the servicemen and that there is a sense of responsibility adding to the presumption that the American army is one of the best led armies in the world.

You make a good case for respect being one of the reasons. but how does that make the US better than other countries? How does it compare With Britain or Canada? In spite of the long ranks and the number of people serving in the military who come from different ethnic backgrounds and the fact that they subdue This word means to overcome something or someone-choose another. to different religions. there are no incidents of bullying in the military. I want to believe this, but I find it hard because the military is made up of people from our own country and bullying happens in our country. I also have heard about severe violence against. and harassment of. female cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

I think the fact that people from different backgrounds can serve together is great. and it does happen. but not without the same struggles We see even/where. The other key reason as to why it is stated that the American military is one of the best disciplined in the world is the fact that it is the only military unit in the world that has embraced the issue of homosexuality. This also has a history of problems. but it is better now. When compared to other military units in the world. it is the best kind of relationship that can be Witnessed in the SETVICES. The United States government has additionally allocated a high number of resources to enable the military leadership to be sound and sufficient. What kinds of resources?

When leading a military unit. one of the best things to note is that II has to be led With a person who is staunch and has good integrity Therefore. it means that the finances. although they act as a boost. are not the only thing that matters in joining the military. From the above mentioned literature. it is evident that the American army offers more than Just service. but also acts as an emblem of showing how an organization should be headed. Therefore. these factors serve to show that it is one of the best disciplined units in the world and also one of the best headed units across the globe.

How do we know it is the best disciplined? What examples can you give? Counter arguing objections On the other hand. critics argue that the American military lacks adequate leadership and also lacks overall good discipline. They say that the American military unit has been given the utmost freedom and therefore. there is a lot of indisCIpline gomg on. They Cite that the military is not headed by the strict rules that have been used during the civil war and that is why there is no adequate respect. In addition. they argue that the servicemen are not well led since they are forced to take part in wars which do not involve them. for example. in the war in Iraq.

However. whichever the stand a person takes, the American military has diligently served its citizens, Obiections to this notion is the fact that the military is disciplined and that is why it has withstood the test of time and has been ranked the best disciplined in the world tor more than 50 years after the civil war. In conclusion, the American military is one at the best led in the world and that is why it is accorded respect across the globe and many individuals would like to offer their services. That is why it should be in the best interests of both the ciVIlians and the government to ensure that the military men are well taken care of and respected. You have brought up some interesting issues here, and I do believe our military is the best in the world, but the essay needs specific facts in order to be more convmcing. The paper would be stronger With more scholarly sources.

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An Analysis of Barack Obama’s Third Presidential State of the Union Address

Barack Hussein Obama ll is the actual president of the United States who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii 1961. After completing his law degree at Harvard School and working on political issues, on January 20, 2009, Obama was elected president of the United States. (Barack Obama) In the Third Presidential State of the Union Address speech, President Obama is talking about the economic, social and political accomplishment he has done with effort and working as a team. President Obama successfully use his communication skills to engage the audience and make a call to action during his descriptive speech. In one hand, the speech in the Third Presidential State of the Union Address delivered by President Obama presented to the 114th United States Congress with the purpose to inform the accomplishments during his time election and to announce the upcoming goals for the coming year. (2016 State of the Union Address) Also, during this meeting is a great opportunity to gather the congress representatives in a single place. (State of the Union Bingo) President Obama cover wide open subjects like the economical field, immigration situation, medical approaches and environmental concerns. President Obama opens his speech with a great introduction strategy to engage the audience. According to Joann Brown in her book Speaking with Confidence, she states three key goals of the introduction. First, gain the audience’s attention. Second, clearly state the presentation’s central idea and third, briefly preview the presentation’s main points. Therefore, President Obama begins with a startling event about the troops who came back from Iraq. By telling this big event President Obama totally gains the audience’s attention.

As President Obama continuous his speech, during the minute 2:36 he states the central idea of the speech by saying “Imagine what we could accomplish if we followed their example”. These words were spoken in a persuasive way in which the audience feel a need for action. After a few seconds, President Obama say “a country that leads the world in educating its people; an America that attracts a new generation of high-tech manufacturing and high-paying jobs; a future where we’re in control of our own energy, and our security and prosperity aren’t so tied to unstable parts of the world; an economy built to last, where hard work pays off, and responsibility is rewarded”. Stating these points President Obama resumes the topics he will cover during his speech. According to the book Speaking with Confidence, in Module 5 the author Brown states that during a persuasive speech there are different types of claims. The claim of fact, claim of value and claim of policy. Doing the connection with President Obama’s speech, he continuous his speech by mentioning the importance of helping people who want to be part of this great nation and he says, “But if election-year politics keeps Congress from acting on a comprehensive plan, let’s at least agree to stop expelling responsible young people who want to staff our labs, start new businesses, defend this country. Send me a law that gives them the chance to earn their citizenship. I will sign it right away”. Hence, these words point out the claim of policy, which mean that people take action about the subject purposed. Finally, President Obama not only covers the topics he mentions in the introduction but also in the way we deliver his speech make the audience have a feeling of patriotism. Beyond of the tangible facts or achievements he has earned during his government, President Obama restates his position of going forward until every single American has equal and fair opportunities.

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Why was the American Revolution is a Conservative Movement?

Some historians say the 13 colonies were destined for revolution since their creation. Although it took many years to develop, resentment for British rule finally grew so much that in 1776 the colonies declared independence from Britain. This wasn’t about to be granted without a fight from the world’s most powerful nation, and thus the American Revolution ensued. When colonies won the war, a drastically different society and government were formed, making it clear this was a radical movement.

First, deep societal changes occurred in the social structure of what was now the United States of America. Prior to the revolution, social classes were strict: lawyers and politicians were generally more important than metalworkers and other artisans, and it stayed that way. There wasn’t any fluidity, a person couldn’t move into a higher socioeconomic status. However, after the revolution, as author Gordon Wood states, “One class did not overthrow the other. But social relationships – the way people connected to each other – were changed” (Wood 132). He is explaining that the class gap between rich and poor became almost undistinguishable. In fact, the whole middle class was created; whereas before the war, families were either rich or poor. This had a profound impact on society, as the population was generally more accepting of who you are, and it also created opportunities to build wealth that individuals didn’t have before.

Second, an even bigger change was in the government of the colonies. After the revolution, they became a confederation of states, one independent country. The men who just a few years earlier were considered British subjects and had no experience whatsoever in governance, were now tasked with not just being part of a government, but creating a whole new one. They intended the new government to be “far from remaining monarchial. Americans had become almost overnight, the most liberal, the most democratic, and the most modern people in the world” (Wood 133). Colonists were used to being forced to accept laws that were dictated to them, but now, in the republic, citizens actually had a say in government. No country had ever before used a democracy as the primary government in a country, and it was a huge change for people living there, and a primary reason why the revolution should be considered radical.

All in all, the American Revolution proved to be a major turning point in the life of the new American citizens. It completely revamped their social class structure, increasing fluidity and creating a middle class, and implemented a completely new form of government, a republic that gave everyone a say. There was hardly anything left the same after the war was fought, proving this was not a conservative movement.

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An Introduction to the Electoral College the Statutory System in the United States

The Electoral College is the statutory system in the United States for the election of the President and the Vice President. In 1787 at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Constitution of the United States was created. Before the Constitutional Convention, the United States had been governed under the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation was a weak central government. At the Constitutional Convention, the Founding Fathers were trying to create a rule of law governing the election of a President in a nation that was made up of thirteen large and small states who were jealous of the rights and powers each possessed. They were suspicious of any central government. The framers of the Constitution regarded the Electoral College as part of a method for electing the President indirectly by the people. The Electoral College system was established in Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution. The Electoral College was created for several different reasons. Before the Electoral College was assembled, there was a weak two-party system which could have allowed for a divide in the vote. A candidate that most of the popular vote didn’t prefer could become the President if there were many regional candidates. There was a lack of information about candidates at that time because the nation contained only four million people cast up and down the Atlantic coast and they had a difficult time traveling and communicating. There was a need to have a strong leadership for the head of our government.

The Electoral College settled the problem of the distrust between common men in making a good selection for President. The Electoral College works in a straightforward way. It requires a distribution of popular support to be elected president. The American people do not actually vote for the President on election day but, rather, we vote for a slate of Electors who are pledged to the candidate. These Electors are chosen by their respective parties and are certified by the State Director of Elections. The election is decided by a majority of the total electoral college vote. Presidential electors meet in their respective state capitals in December to cast their electoral votes to be officially counted in Washington in January. The electors vote by ballot separately for President and Vice President. A majority of electoral votes is needed for the election as President. The winner is sworn in on Inauguration Day. The Electoral College is currently made up of 538 electors and 270 votes are required to be elected. Since Electoral College representation is based on congressional representation, states with larger populations get more Electoral College votes. Each state is allocated a number of electors equal to the number of its United States Senators, which is always two, in addition to the number of its United States Representatives. United States Representatives are divided among the states based on the size of the states population, which is determined by the census.

Every state holds a winner-take-all popular vote for electors except Maine and Nebraska. In these two states, electors are chosen by statewide popular vote and the remainder by the popular vote within each Congressional district. This process prevents the breaking of political parties, gives the winner of presidential elections a mandate to govern, works against third party candidates, and forces major party candidates to address issues which are a concern to a majority of Americans. The electoral vote of each state is cast as a unit and the favorable presidential and vice presidential nominees in each state win the states entire electoral vote. With this system, elected presidents acquire a greater percentage of the electoral vote than of the popular vote. (Encyclopedia Americana) In certain elections, the Electoral College system can create a close election. The first constitutional crisis came to pass in 1800 when Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr received an equal number of electoral votes. The electors, in voting for Jefferson or Burr, had not specified whether their vote was for president or vice president. Therefore, despite his being his party’s vice presidential candidate, Burr had as many votes for the office of President as Jefferson had. The Constitution provides that in a case where a candidate doesn’t win a majority of the electoral votes, the election must be determined by the House of Representatives by ballot from the three candidates standing highest in electoral votes. The combined representatives of each state get one vote and a simple majority of states is required to win. This has only happened twice. Presidents Thomas Jefferson in 1801 and John Quincy Adams in 1825 were elected by the House of Representatives.

If no one obtains an absolute majority for vice president, then the U.S. Senate makes the selection from among the top two contenders for that office. Jefferson received 36 ballots and he won the race for presidency in the election of 1800. As a result of this election, the 12th Amendment was added to the Constitution to sensibly prevent this from happening again. The 12th Amendment specifies that electors are to name in their ballots the person voted for as President and Vice President. These cases in United States constitutional history remind us of the significant role that the Electoral College plays in electing a President. There are pros and cons to the Electoral College. The positive aspects of the Electoral College are that it requires a distribution of popular support to be elected President, it strengthens the status of minority groups, and it enhances the political stability of the nation by promoting a two-party system. Without the Electoral College, Americans living in smaller states could lose their voice in our nations government. It forces candidates to attend to the differing opinions found in the far-reaches of this nation. It carries participants to the electoral table who would otherwise not be invited, simply because they do not live in big cities. The negative aspects of the Electoral College are that there is a possibility of electing a minority president and there is a chance of having electors who won’t be loyal to their party or candidate. Another nonsensical aspect of the Electoral College is that it may depress voter turnout because each state is entitled to so many electoral votes regardless of voter turnout. There is no incentive for states to encourage voter participation, and the Electoral College does not accurately reflect the national popular will because it does not elect a candidate by a direct popular vote. There are many reforms and proposed changes for the Electoral College that are currently being discussed.

The first is the Direct Election Plan. With this plan, who ever wins the most popular vote becomes President. The candidate must win 215 electoral votes. If there is no winner, there is a run-off election with the two candidates that had the most popular votes. This is the best plan for eliminating all of the weaknesses of the Electoral College. It is more democratic and every vote counts in the selection of the President. The next plan is the District Plan. Who ever wins the popular vote of that Congressional District gets that electoral vote. The winner of the popular vote for the whole state gets the two Senatorial electoral votes. The candidate is required to win 270 electoral votes. This is the best plan for representing minorities and it corrects most of the weaknesses and abuses of the Electoral College. The last plan is the Proportional Plan. The candidate gets the same percent of the electoral vote as they get in the popular vote. There is no Electoral College present in this plan. Candidates are required to win 215 electoral votes. If there is no winner, the vote goes to Congress and they select from the three candidates with the most popular vote. With this plan, every vote counts as part of an electoral vote. However, this is the most expensive plan of the group and there are a lot of weaknesses in the structure of it. The Electoral College system may not be perfect, but it has led to over 200 years of political stability. There have been some instances when a President has been elected even though he wasn’t the popular choice, but the positive aspects that are given to the election process by having the Electoral College far outweigh the few mistakes.

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Should the United States Abolish the Electoral College

The Electoral College is a process, not a place. … A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Your state’s entitled amount of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for your Senators. This being said, the electoral college is what gives us a voice to share our votes and be represented by a person who has the connections to do so. I believe that the Electoral College should not be abolished because it #1 shows us how this country began to set out there ways of figuring out how to choose our presidents and those of higher power over the years.

In document A it states that the “Electoral College is a key part of federalism, which is the foundation of our system of government”. Since the beginnings of our country we have had the right vote for whomever we want, yes there will be judgement but that would not take away our freedom of speech. This system has always gone off of the popularity vote, even if the candidate that has the most electoral votes from most states, in order for them to actually win they need that popularity vote, hence why Donald Trump won and became the President of the United States. Document A also states that “in spite of what happened of 2000, our system has served us well. Usually, it ensure that the candidate with the most votes wins”. Yes the Electoral College has had it’s ups and down in the past years of it’s existence but eloquently it has served it’s purpose when needed most. Many faults will try and rise to the surface to back up those who have tried to abolish this system but it’s goods outweigh it’s bads. If you look at all

of the pros and cons that are stated many sources the pros cover many aspects that are very important to today’s society, for instance the Electoral College protects minority interests, It facilitates a two-party system, and lastly it directs more power to the states.

Those against the Electoral College will say that it depresses the minority states and doesn’t give them the chance to voice their opinion through their votes but this system does the complete opposite. In document E it states that “proponents [of the Electoral College] also point out that, far from diminishing minority interest by depressing voter participation, the Electoral College actually enhances the status of minority groups”. Smaller states have been given the opportunity to vote and actually have an impact on the election process. These accommodations have gone unnoticed but in result have made a great difference from how this system began.

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