How to Write a Rogerian Essay?

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All people have different points of view, and it is not easy to persuade others that someone is “more right.” However, professional psychological techniques can work wonders. It is a real art in being persuasive during the discussion of opposing viewpoints. If you need to do this in a written form, a Rogerian argument is something you ought to know.

What is a Rogerian argument?

When you imagine heated discussion between two people, you may think about quarrels, tense atmosphere, lack of understanding. This is what usually happens during a classical argument. During such discussions, people rarely come up with solutions which are satisfactory for both sides. A Rogerian argument is an ideal means of finding the compromise in a friendly manner. Its main rules state that a person should acknowledge positive aspects of one viewpoint and by using its main advantages add personal ideas to create a perfect solution. Such attitude prevents adversity, doesn’t include criticism, emotional outburst, and other negative consequences of a traditional argument. A Rogerian argument should have a positive message, a target at solving the problem together and not deciding which thoughts are correct.

Who is Rogers?

The first question which may arise in your mind can be “Why is the essay called “Rogerian?” There is an interesting answer. This method of solving an argument is based on the psychological method created by the American founder of a humanistic approach Carl Ransom Roger. His approach aims at improving the relationship between a counselor and a client. The core of Carl’s methodology includes enhancing positive attitude towards others, empathy, and congruence. This technique allows to make up more creative way outs and preserve pleasant relationships between two sides involved in the debate. Soon people started to apply this psychological approach to write essays or letters when they need to persuade somebody in making the decision.

Using Rogerian method in essay

The mentioned above technique is used in high-quality balanced essays. If you are using Rogerian argument example in the essay, the opposite sides involved in the discussion are the writer and the reader. If you are the writer, you receive the harder task. Your main aim is to find the perfect solution and a happy medium. You will need to stick to certain structure and keep in mind essential rules.

Rogerian argument structure

As in the ordinary essay, you should organize it well to make it coherent and cohesive. It has the introduction, main body, and conclusion. These main parts should be logically connected and have clear transitions.

The introductory paragraph plays a vital role because it influences whether the reader will continue communication with you or discard the offered solution at once. You have to start with stating the main problem in the introduction and show the necessity to resolve it together. In the introduction, you acknowledge positive aspects of the opposite point of view. This will show your friendly intention. In the thesis statement, you explain the balanced approach to the solution which both the reader and the writer are trying to find.

In the main body, you describe your opinion using logical explanation with examples. You should include relevant argumentations but don’t compare them directly with another viewpoint. Try to persuade the reader that your perspective of the problem includes other ideas and that your solution is realistic. The main aim of the essay body is to show that the opposing views are valid on some occasions, but the writer simply offers an improved version.

The conclusion should show that by using the best aspects of both ideas, the participants of the argument can find an ideal balanced solution for the discussed problem.

Rules in Rogerian essay:

  • use neutral language because emotionally colored vocabulary may trigger reader’s dissatisfaction or the feeling of offense;
  • keep in mind the audience you refer to;
  • don’t develop the discussion if the topics are too controversial;
  • be realistic when describing your point of view;
  • mention only the positive sides of the opposing idea;
  • offer the solution which includes the ideas of the other participants of the discussion;
  • don’t be critical or offensive either in language or the hidden meaning of the text;
  • if you state possible drawbacks of another view, be very careful (it is still more efficient not to raise the question of disadvantages);
  • make the tone of the essay optimistic and friendly-oriented.

Essays based on the Rogerian argument will always leave a positive impression on the readers if the paper is written well. Such polite attitude in the essay towards the reader.You can try using this approach even in everyday life, and it will become your key to solving problems either in oral or written form.

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How to Write a Stunning Essay: 10 Wise Tips

Table of contents

Creative assignments do not apply to exciting activities or a popular hobby. Most likely, there are only a couple of students who decided to devote their leisure to writing. But modern school and, especially, the university, it is impossible to imagine without this kind of training. Therefore, before you, there are scant two options for unfolding events. Or, after getting the topic, you start suffering and tearing own hair or get acquainted with the principles of compiling great essays and turn it into an intellectual entertainment. So, let’s us turn to concrete steps to writing an unbelievable essay.

Step 1 Look for the Source of Inspiration

Each individual in own way is unique and inimitable, especially when it comes to the manifestation of talents. Genes affect even your sleep patterns. So, for “owls”, the period of mental activity falls on the evening time of the day, while “larks” prefer to work in the morning, together with the sunrise. Physiological inclinations are not an empty phrase, but a factor directly impacting on creative thinking. A lot of famous writers and artists argued that masterpieces are best created in a state of depression or mild melancholy. But this is not necessarily your case. Watch yourself in different moods to find out what kind of temper aids to writing compositions.

Step 2 The Essay is Not Written in 24 Hours

Qualitative paper requires careful preparation. You not only have to collect material on the topic but also order your own intentions. Therefore, choose a theme of a document in advance, of course, unless otherwise provided by circumstances. As soon as you have a free minute, devote it to a task. Take notes and type down ideas that seem right for you. It is best to conduct such procedures in a relaxed atmosphere, for instance, in a park. You will find that 1-2 days spent on a free flight of thought will greatly assist you to comprehend the essay’s thesis.

Step 3 Famous Brainstorming

In the event that you are quite limited in time, use a brainstorming technique. You may assemble a company of like-minded people. Take notebooks, voice a theme to everyone present and write down everything that comes to mind. Do not analyze opinions; do not try to immediately find out how relevant they are. The aim of brainstorming is maximum productivity in a short time interval. As a rule, it takes up to 5 minutes. You will be surprised not only by the number of thoughts but also by their originality. This method is widely applied before a more in-depth study of the topic.

Step 4 Decide on the Type of Paper

Creative tasks differ in their functions. Prior to you sit at the desk, locate information about kinds of documents and read proposed templates. You need to know how long is an essay, its style, bookish figures, potential objectives, research basis, bibliographic list and other significant points. This refinement is economical in time. But, thanks to it, you gain confidence.

Step 5 Prepare the Thesis and Scheme

Regardless of the style of writing, it is usually a purpose of the document to convey a specific message to a certain audience. In the introductory passage, offer readers your thesis and the structure of future work. This will make a positive impression. Do not forget to confirm your opinion with convincing examples. It will not be superfluous to draw up an essay plan. Through it, your presentation will acquire consistency and logicality. Naturally, a lot of learners ignore similar procedure. But an explanatory project will not allow you to depart from the main idea of ​​the paper, making it a key axis of a composition.

Step 6 Work on the Vocabulary

Try to get rid of the cliché. They impart a content artificial and faceless taste. Refer to new language figures, such as metaphors, epithets, comparisons, or symbolic images. Do not avoid experiments, because they will add imagery and author’s raisins in the essay. Besides, a huge word-stock will teach you how to make papers longer.

Information should be presented unambiguously, impartially and professionally. Mention the sources you addressed, especially if you use quotes. Citing without mentioning the author’s name is considered at least a negligent attitude to the case. Also, make sure that the data you provide is relevant and reliable if you do not want to look like an amateur. The main problem with the requirement of consistency is that it is difficult for the author to look at own text through the eyes of the reader. The writer has dealt with the subject; so a lot of things seem obvious to him/her, whereas to an uninitiated person they are unknown. Therefore, it is useful for the author to be able to evaluate own paper from an objective point of view.

Step 7 Free Your Mind

Try to put yourself in the teacher’s place. Frequently, learners receive the same tasks, which, as a rule, are written according to standards. Certainly, papers will be similar to each other. But even from this situation, there is a way out. Try to get away from standardized thinking. It is unlikely that you will have a great desire for the tenth time to see the same expert opinions or data from Wikipedia. That’s why you should create authentic things. Then an educator remembers your work because of its uniqueness, and you will get a high score.

Step 8 Specificity

Abstract concepts catch up with boredom. Therefore, dilute your philosophical opuses with interesting facts and examples. If you put reference information in the foreword, concrete ideas should be placed in the thematic paragraphs. Of course, start with a common phrase for the seed, but then develop it towards the details.

I love mountains. My favorite ones are the Andes. A hard recovery is compensated by a stunning sunset and clean air, which has already been forgotten in the hectic city life.

We see that the author begins with an abstract statement. But in the following sentences, he or she explains own positions by a specific instance so that the reader could feel his/her sympathy. Try to do similar writing steps with your essay.

Step 9 Create own Grammar

Immediately make a reservation that the indicated assignment is not mandatory. To date, Internet sites offer numerous ways to make a thorough adjustment. With their help, you may correct stylistics and punctuation. True, some online programs are limited in their functions. But remember that even electronic assistants could be wrong. The most efficient method to detect flaws is reading an essay aloud. Imagine that you are an actor speaking with a monologue. Or you may ask your friends to check your document for errors. The view from the side is fresh and objective.

Step 10 Award Yourself

This, of course, is not a tip for improving written skills, but it is quite useful for motivation. Creativity refers to tiresome pursuits, absorbing a huge amount of mental powers. The latter must be replenished. Then your brain will work better. After you have coped with the task, please yourself with a cake or ice cream. Your mind will subconsciously perceive subsequent essays with pleasure, hoping to receive a delicious dessert.

Thus, the above recommendations stimulate an increase of creative potential, will help to arrange your work correctly and answer the question how to write an argumentative essay step by step.


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How to Write Essays that Answer the Question

Table of contents

It would seem that it could be simpler finding a reply to a specific question asked. In such a task it is hard to detect traps or dangers. But sometimes a lot of students have difficulties, trying to pass through this test with dignity. The dominant reasons lie in inattention and imprudence. It is because of them learners write essays that differ substantially from the chosen topics.

It does not matter how talented you are in your work. It is irrelevant which bookish devices or rare phrases you use. All the positive aspects of your composition will fade if it does not answer a certain query. You should learn how to combine writing skills and content. Do not think that it is enough for you to give a short response in the preface, and then describe secondary things on the next two pages. The answerback must include in each paragraph in various ways. For instance, it may be rephrased, explained on examples and comparisons, but an essay is fully devoted to the answer.

It often happens that an essence of the given theme remains misunderstood by you. If you have to do an analysis of a literary source, refer directly to an assignment. Occasionally, it tells a plot or even main moments of the book. True, such luck is quite rare. As a rule, you need to carefully read a substance. Remember, the more accurate your replies, the better your paper. Our tips will show how to accurately reply the questions posed.

Analyze the Query

After receiving a task, reread it several times in a row. If some items sound ambiguous, make sure they comprehend correctly. Address for details to your teacher. Reflect on the value of your document: what is its usefulness? This will facilitate a formulation of exact thesis and response on how to introduce an article to an essay. Further, it is necessary to address a level of informativity. At the same time, much attention should be paid to the presence in the work of various scientific facts, expert opinions, forecasts, survey results and other similar elements. Each of the listed tools raises the perception of the text, allowing other authors to make references to the article. It is not superfluous to check whether the text is not saturated with scientific terminology, and vice versa, whether a paper did not write completely in a colloquial style, which is unacceptable for research.

Answering a Question with the Question

Akin practice does not mean that it is necessary to start writing with tricky demands, especially if we are talking about an academic style. Make yourself suggestive points:

  • What is the purpose of my work?
  • What is the significant topic and subthemes?
  • Which audience should I target?
  • How many items should I reply?
  • How objective / subjective is my essay?

You could even draw a sheet of paper into two appropriate boxes for convenience. A black-and-white background will aid to concentrate on controversial issues. Write down the responses and include them in your paper. Whenever you deviate from a topic, these entries will take you back to the right track. In order to check the relevance of given examples, read own notes again. If errors are found, correct them.

Refill Synonymous Reserve

Having become acquainted with expert opinions, do not be lazy to rewrite the latter in your own words. Such a procedure will assist you in choosing a precise wording for the introduction.

A task: researchers are eager to explore new planets, but our own Earth is on the verge of an environmental disaster. Do you share the view that the government should continue to invest large sums of money for studying the universe or better to direct them for solving modern problems?

Rephrase an assignment: there are a lot of scientific articles about life on other space objects. But the Earth is threatened by ecological collapse. What is more essential: distant space or focusing attention on restoring a natural balance on the planet?

Similar training will facilitate understanding of the topic and focus on a question. You may even resort to it, rewriting thesis of exordium in the last paragraph. But be careful with popular synonyms, because they could have numerous interpretations depending on the context. It is better to find the necessary category in a dictionary and check its lexical sense. Remember according to the essay’s speech construction, it is a dynamic alternation of polemical statements, queries, an installation of spoken intonation, and vocabulary.

The Principle of Visualization

The meaning of almost every sentence is embodied in two or three key terms. Armed with a pencil or pen and emphasize them in the job description. Do the same procedure with thematic phrases. After completing, use the selected “anchors” to build a mental map. In the center of the sheet type a priority theme, then you need to draw lines connecting with other thoughts of the sub-themes. By visualizing, you determine the structure of future work as precisely as possible.

When information is presented visually, chief channels of perception are involved in focusing certain questions. That’s why modern managers, holding meetings, make notes on the flip chart for better comprehending of info. The fact that sounded evidence is accepted by another person with a large degree of distortion and is interpreted purely individual. Visualization helps to smooth out the problems of ambiguous cognition.

It also aids to keep details of the topic in mind, because if data is not in demand or not interesting, it is forgotten more quickly. In addition, so-called visual control makes it easier to compare a standard state of things with the actual one, thereby revealing deviations.

Examine the Sub-Themes

Frequently, learners, wishing to outwit the readers, start writing about the given subject and then move on to another one, convenient for them. It is not right to assume that your evasiveness will go unnoticed. It causes teachers a feeling of bewilderment and deceit. Such an innocent trick creates you the reputation of a lazy and negligent student.

Any topic deserves a thorough investigation. Refer to the Internet space or a local library. Information will lead to a vision of a holistic picture and current trends. Believe me, the result will please you. Such a technique will teach you not only how to write discussion questions but also propose a proven evidence basis.

Criticize Yourself

Assess own creativity is always hard. But the mentioned ability is quite useful. Take your composition strictly; enter into the role of a picky educator. Think about possible comments and flaws. Compare your own mark with the teacher’s assessment. If his/her motivation is not realized by you, ask him/her to explain. Usually, a lot of them clarify in detail reasons for a decrease in the score. The more you practice, the sooner you see the requirements. But starting an essay with the question is a sign of bad taste.

All these elements in their consistency and aggregate are not a routine or a template, but required intellectual work, teaching us to opt the correct question and answer format, carry out a meaningful selection of material, and follow certain logic or justify its violation.

Thus, the above steps will not be difficult for attentive students. If you are striving for an excellent grade, be serious about writing an essay of this kind. Applying our recommendations will lead to better habits, and you do not have to rewrite your paper again because of incompatibility with the topic.


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How to Write the Stanford Roommate Essay?

Table of contents

Have you already passed all entrance examinations and ready to write a final additional essay to enter the university which belongs to Ivy League? Or are you simply interested in how to write something interesting to read? Spend only 3 minutes reading the following valuable advice, and look through the main tips in writing Stanford roommate essays.

Think as if you are an admission officer

If you’ve read your prepared drafts to parents, friends, they will say that it is the most creative essay they have ever read. But when it gets to the admission officer, you don’t enter the university. You may ask “Why did it happen? My nearest and dearest told that my essay was a written masterpiece.” Here is problem. If your relatives, friends comment on your paper positively, it means they are subjective. Not all parents will tell you the truth about how boring the writing is just because they don’t want to hurt you or they are just not professional enough to understand the mistakes.

There is a significant rule of trying to be an admission officer yourself. No one will ever be able to criticize your work so effectively as you can. It is difficult to be objective but try to be unbiased. Imagine you have read thousands of typical Stanford essays and each of them looks the same. Think of what can impress, make the essay stand out from other papers. Only by putting yourself in an admission officer’s shoes, you may perceive the writings differently.

Unclench your heart, show your personality

Even if you are the shiest introvert ever and you are afraid of talking about yourself, you ought to open your heart in this essay. Nobody will be interested in reading something very typical, trite. “I will be responsible. I will tidy my room every day. I want to find new friends.” No-no. It is not what they are searching. It was many years ago that the Ivy League accepted students only with high scores. Now, these places are about searching individuals, people who will be both intelligent and unique.

In the world where people express their personalities via all the possible social networks, it is difficult to be unique. But if you manage to do this, Stanford is the place for you. So, don’t hurry in submitting a paper. Sit down, relax, listen to favorite music, and finally think about yourself like a unique human being. You have a habit of writing short letters and hiding them somewhere to make your roommate happy when he finds it? Or you do various weird dancing movements whenever you go from kitchen to the bathroom? Then, write it down. Find something in yourself that even the most depressed person in the world will consider cute and special.

Why Stanford cannot do without you?

Simply answer this question: How can you be useful for the university? If the admission officer reads between the lines in your essay that you will be a silent mouse making no differences whether you study in that place or not, they will discard your application. Stanford is popular due to the plurality of personalities who study there. Its students are like pieces of puzzles making together a distinct image of the university. You cannot be an ordinary girl, boy with good grades but no integrity. You should be that person who will have its positive impact on the university. Think of the tradition you would like to add or a student club you are likely to organize. Of course, if you are not going to do this, it’s better not to lie, but try to prove your future roommates that you are a person who has something to share.

Be specific and add details

When you start talking about yourself, don’t generalize too much. It is better to talk about something specific, detailed, with real examples. Usually, details can tell a lot about a person, their personalities. If you sometimes prefer studying at night, tell your future roommate that inspiration comes to you only when the moon is high. Just be honest and sincere.

Organize your essay well

The Stanford roommate essay, as well as Stanford intellectual vitality essay, are types of personal writing. It means that the structure of them isn’t strict like in academic writing, but still you have to make your paragraphs look organized and be logical. If you start talking about your bad habits, don’t add information about your hobbies. Focus on one idea for the paragraph and develop it with examples. Don’t forget about the general idea of your essay – its message. If you organize the essay well, the overall message will be understood clearly.

Writing a Stanford roommate paper is not as difficult as passing SAT or GMAT. It doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of anything. You just need to focus on yourself and don’t forget that such type of assignment examines your personality. As long as you find the exact words which describe you like a special person, your Stanford roommate paper will be just a piece of cake.

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How to Write a College Essay

Table of contents

A college essay is a type of academic assignment, usually prepared by people applying to colleges. The primary task of a college essay is to cover a specific question referring to a given topic. In this case, it should present an application document, which is an additional one for the full package handed in by an applicant. The primary task of a writer is to provide an admission committee with the extended composition supplying the admission officers with the general info about the student.

This is a kind of composition, which should enhance your letter and help you to grab the attention of the admission officers. Your college essay should comprise some required elements. You have to include your qualifications, achievements, and triumphs – all those things that may represent you as a well-developed and promising personality.

There are no standards established according to which a writer should compile his college essay. However, exist some rules and general tips assisting in the process of preparation of this essay. These useful tips may help to write a successful composition that will enable a potential student to get a place in a college of his dream.

How to start a college essay?

The writing of a college essay demands serious approach. One has to be maximally concentrated to produce a composition of the highest quality. As is often the case, we tend to postpone the preparation of the package of a document for the last minute. This strategy turned to be unsuccessful and did not lead any student to the successful result. That is why, primarily, the task of a potential student is to think about everything timely and prepare all the necessary documentation for the entering campaign in advance. The college essay is an element of the document package required for the college application. That is why the writing of the college essay should also be planned.

Undoubtedly, writing of the composition is not an easy task. However, if a person prepares carefully, nothing can hinder him or her. Before moving to the very writing stage, an author has to prepare appropriately. His task is to plan the info that will be included in the future composition and decide on a structure of his future essay. Planning of the information is the most crucial step. The task of a writer is to focus on his achievements and strong sides of his personality. The next stage will be to think over the writing techniques that will enable the writer to present the info so that this essay will make the chances to enter the chosen college higher.

College essay format

A college essay is the most personal part of your application. One has to be maximally responsible while preparing this type of an application package. There are some formatting requirements, which should compulsorily be preserved by a writer. Primarily, it concerns the text format. Try to choose the readable font. It will make your writing easy to read. Concerning the spacing, it is better to double space your essay or set the 1,5 space format. It proves to be the most comfortable for reading. All around margins should be one inched.

Apart from the formatting standards mentioned above, one needs to decide on the separation of paragraphs. It is of the utmost importance to split your text into sections and group the info you want to present appropriately. Try to build short, but sense-loaded sentences. Do not overload your text with the useless info. It is compulsory to plan your info to be able to meet the word count requirement. How long should the essay be?  Be ready to deliver the info in a way so that it does not overreach the barrier in 650 words.

Concerning the writing style and the format of speech, try to stick to formal or semi-formal style. Bear in mind the fact that your essay presents an official document and should be appropriately written. The target audience will be the admission officers, so try to write in a clear, concise manner, avoiding application of irrelevant facts. Good college essay means a composition, which is well formatted, informative and relevant.

College essay heading

College application essay heading should be catchy and attention grabbing. One has to think over the title that will make the admission officer interested and evoke the desire to read the essay. One has to decide on a short, but relevant title. The nature of the college essay has to be very personal. That is why the topicality of the composition should be individualized and narrow enough so that the admission officer can immediately understand, whether the essay is worth reading.

Originality may both turn into advantage and disadvantage. It is important for the writer to feel the situation. A good strategy will be to pick a popular saying or a quotation as a title. Thanks to it, a writer will be able to create an original college essay. The theme can consist of even one word. However, it should be carefully picked and correspond to the content of the essay. If the word is attention grabbing and thrilling, the target reader will have a strong desire to familiarize himself with the content of the essay with such an original title.

College essay outline

A college essay outline may become a handy instrument for the writer working on this kind of written assignment. An outline will serve as a plan or a template for the writer. A student applying to a college will be an advantage if he uses an outline. It will help to preserve a logical flow of thoughts and will allow delivering the info clearly and distinctively. After the primary stage, an author already knows, what info he is going to include in his essay. Now an outline will help to split this material into smaller pieces and present it to the target reader in a proper sequence.

Delivering the material in a clear manner is important. An author has to stick to the appropriate sequence; that is why he has to make an intro, main body and conclusion. It will make the application composition readable and logical. Decide on catchy elements that can grab the reader’s attention in the intro and hold it until the end of the essay. Stick to one chosen style of language; do not mix formal and informal styles. Planning your layout will enable to avoid the application of irrelevant information.

How to end a college essay

To finish a college essay, one has to supply the reader with summing up of all info covered in the main body. Refer to the introduction; it will create an effect of the interrelation of all structural elements of the essay. The finishing of your essay should be personal and memorable. It does not mean that a person needs to implement original phrases or prepare an extraordinary material. Making the ending a concluding of the main idea traced through the whole essay be enough to make it proper.

College essay tips

While writing a college essay, students may think over the effective ways of compiling the essay, which will allow them to get a place in a college of their dream. However, the most effective writing technique is very simple – write about your personal experience, achievements, and goals and do not try to make admission officers like you. They will the unnaturalness. The main task of a student preparing a college essay is to write about his personality, be natural and genuine. One has to demonstrate his or her potential using his achievements. Try to tell about the experience and indicate what you have learned from the courses you have ended. The main task is to focus on your potential and manage to demonstrate it to the admission officers enforcing it with the real-life examples and proofs.

College essay examples

Writing a college does not mean you need to follow an established template. Here is the scheme, which can serve as an example of a college essay.

Introduction. I was born to become a doctor – this thought traces me during all my life. Many times in my life, this proved to be true.

Main body sentences. Every time, the opportunity to be a volunteer in the local hospital arose, I was ready to be involved.  It taught me the necessary nursing skills and I get an experience of working with various patients. Thanks to this, I can provide the first aid. Moreover, I am familiar with basic medical notions.

Conclusion. Every person has its vocation. I am very interested in medicine and the human body. My dream of becoming a doctor and learning all the possibilities of the body is about to come true. I want to help people. I want to take care of the lives of my relatives. The difficulty of the profession is not frightening me, and high achievements in biology will allow me to become the best doctor all over the world.

This example illustrates how it is possible to write the college essay. Of course, this is only an example; it is impossible to write all compositions in the same way. This little scheme shows how a writer can mark his achievements and tell about his experiences in a manner that allows getting a place at a college of his or her dream.

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How to Write a Critique in Five Paragraphs?

Table of contents

Literary criticism is an important component of literature. We often face such a situation, when we need to give our assessment to a particular work of art. In particular, we are talking about literature, and in order for your opinion to be influential and authoritarian, you should master the art of constructive criticism.

Typical Plan for Critical Writing

  1. An introductory paragraph should talk about the subject of analysis. Good introduction paragraph also includes an explanation of the relevance of the topic and ends with the thesis affirmation.
  2. Body paragraphs contain a general assessment of a subject under criticism. The purpose of body paragraphs is to reveal the positive and negative features of the criticized work. The most reasonable solution is to use three paragraphs in the main part of the critic, each of which will analyze the object from a certain perspective, which is the most significant for the author.
  3. A conclusion paragraph summarizes the author’s opinion and his main evidence that he used in the argumentation of his position.

Literature Review

The review is one of the main and most familiar to us genres of literary criticism. The literature review is very condensed, slender and harmonious, and at the same time, it has a special capacity and content.

There are basic principles of writing reviews:

  1. The polarity of your presentation. Like a critical article, a review needs from you to show not only the shortcomings of the work but also its obvious (or hidden) strengths.
  2. They are in every object. It all depends only on whether you are ready to see them.
  3. Here an abundance of emotions will be superfluous. You have the right to express your opinion, but it should be supported by sound arguments, built in a logical sequence.
  4. The factivity. Everything should be based on real facts; it should not be unfounded accusations and thoughts. Reinforce your thinking with scientific research, lean on the knowledge of literary criticism.
  5. Consider the work from different perspectives and try to look deeper into the author’s intention, put yourself in his place. Why did he write this, what did he want to express, but could not?
  6. Adequately assess your abilities and abilities. Do you have the right to strongly condemn or obsessive recommendations? The task of the reviewer is to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the work. Avoid straightforwardness and uniqueness and always leave room for free reflection on this or that topic. Situations, when there are only black and white tones, are very rare and any artwork is a spectrum of all kinds of shades.

What Else Can Be Taken into Account

  1. The overall impression of the book can be integral, fragmented, powerful, weak, and pleasant.
  2. The peculiarities of the plot. How logical it is reduced, are there any moments that do not work for it? The narrative can be dynamic, slow, prolonged, driven, torn. How much dynamics of narration corresponds to the genre and tasks set in the book? Does the author try to “steer the plot,” bending the logic of events in favor of the plan?
  3. The peculiarities of the heroes. How accurately and reliably they are described, is their psychology natural enough, could they act exactly in the given circumstances? Are these heroes sympathetic to the reader, do they empathize or disgust?
  4. Language and stylistics. What speech techniques the author uses, how rich his vocabulary is, whether he resorts to obscene language, is the author’s language rich, beautiful and laconic.
  5. Psychology of relations. Do the characters have internal motivations for actions and whether they are enough, do they behave in a variety of ways or rigidly follow standard reactions?
  6. The main idea of the text. Is it ethical, intelligent, original? What does the book teach the reader, what does it want to tell him?
  7. How banal is the idea, from where did the author borrow ideas, whom he quotes, parodies, paraphrases? If the book opens a new genre or direction, it is absolutely necessary to mention it.
  8. Social significance. If the text indicates moments that are useful, say, for patriotic upbringing or national self-awareness, complex ethical moments and choices are described, it is necessary to say this in criticism.
  9. Extra-literary merit, for example, it can be historical, ethnographic or social significance. A mediocre written book can be interesting as a source of information.
  10. Whether the topic is relevant; whether it is interesting to the public; what is the audience of the book.
  11. The place of the book in the literary process. How a concrete product correlates with others in its genre, what trend does it follow, develop or complete?
  12. Personal feelings. It may be a desire to re-read or see the work again, acquire it into a personal collection, or vice versa, never return to it again.

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How to Write Paragraphs?

Table of contents

Students have long been accustomed to write academic works following a certain plan and structure. However, few people wondered why these papers have such requirements. In fact, the answer is quite simple. It consists in the logical construction of the work and the convenience of its reading and verification. It is for this purpose that each essay is divided into several logically related paragraphs, each of which has a specific goal and should meet the stated requirements. Let’s see what the main points should be contained in the indents of the student essay, as well as in any other scientific work. We advise first to read about the structure of the paragraph, in order to understand more how to write a paragraph correctly.

Main Tips to Write an Introduction

The best way to write an introduction paragraph is to make your audience to become interested in the matter you are discussing. It does not matter whether you write an entrance exam, a student essay, or an article for your blog. If you did not succeed in intriguing your reader from the initial lines, then no one will read the work in any of these cases. Due to this reason, you may start writing a good introduction paragraph with the following hooks.

  1. You can use the saying of a famous person. This technique acts on the enchanting way, because as a rule, they want to learn more about this person, they may want to be like him, and they are just wondering how his affirmation will be related to the text of the future narrative. Therefore, choosing a quote for this, you need to be careful and clearly, represent how you will continue to lead the thread of your text.
  2. This is allowed to use a known fact. This is partly a psychological method. When you say something that everyone is acquainted with and with what everyone agrees, then the audience has no desire to begin to argue with you from the initial lines, and besides, you increase your confidence in you at a subconscious level.
  3. There is also a way to ask a question. This method is not very recommended for college essays, but it works well in other industries where you need to interact with people with the help of the text. As a rule, the correctly formulated question with cunning makes the reader think about and start looking for an answer in the following text.
  4. A good initial indent consists of several sentences. The initial one catches the audience and makes it pay attention to the article. The following sentences are of informational nature: they formulate a poser, tell the reader about the material, etc. The concluding sentences explain the idea of the material to the audience, talk about its usefulness, promise benefits.

This formula to always write good initial indents of students’ essays as well. In this case, it is reasonable to intrigue the reader in the initial sentence, to describe a poser in a second, to tell about the importance of this issue in the third sentence, and to develop the thesis (the way to solve this poser) in the last one.

Everyone can apply the methods described in order to attract the attention of readers from the very beginning and make them read one’s articles or essays.

What Should Be Present in Your Body Paragraphs

The main task and purpose of any essay are to write a paragraph proof, moreover, each indent should contain a separate evidence of your main argument.  The main issue here is how to develop this main affirmation. The easiest answer is to look into yourself and feel what perspective from the two opposite ones is more close to you. If this did not work, it is necessary to make a research. As a rule, it helps to find a lot of evidence of a certain point; therefore, it helps to do two tasks simultaneously. You are developing your thesis and you are looking for proofs. It is rather convenient to do in this way if you do not know how to start. But if you found a lot of provisions to argument two opposite views, then you can make any choice.

How to Prove Your Perspective

There are several ways to persuade your audience or your professor that your opinion has a privilege to exist.

  • Apply to science. This method is the most convincing, proven and reliable. Regardless of the type of text that you are writing, referring to scientific facts, research results, experiments and hypotheses will always give your text a more serious color and help convince the reader of the correctness of your affirmation.
  • Make an analysis of the literature on the related topic. This method has much in common with the previous one, however, there are some differences. This method is not suitable for purely scientific works but can provide an extensive base for work within the framework of humanitarian disciplines and research. An example from literature always works well when writing essays on psychology, philosophy, and sociology.
  • Tell about your proprietary standing. This method is more than perfect in supporting your thesis affirmation in the graduate essay writing. In this case, your proprietary standing is almost the only thing you can use so it is able to make a profit to you. However, this way can be used in essay writing in almost all disciplines, but it should be used in such a way that you proprietary affirmations should seem too much proprietary.

And as for the Conclusion

There are several steps to writing a good conclusion paragraph. The important requirement everyone should remember is that the goal of a conclusion to summarize all the provision discussed in the paper. It should not contain any other ideas, new arguments, and their evidence and should maximally sum up the researched topic. It seems that this part is the easiest one but it is not so. Sometimes it not enough to provide the only summary; it can be required to look at the perspective from the different angle, to make connections and recommendations, to talk about an appliance of a researched topic on practice.

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